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Headshot Photographers: South Bay Photography Studio

Where to Shoot in the South Bay

If you’re a headshot photographer, you need a dependable, affordable place to shoot. Some headshot photographers have their own in-house studios. And if you don’t have a well equipped home studio , not to worry—you do now. Meets the Eye Studios offers everything you need to be your “home base” in the South Bay—including the space, equipment, and expertise to produce great photos for your clients every time. Here are just a few reasons why Meets the Eye delivers what photographers need:

Indoor and “Outdoor” Options

Meets the Eye Studios offers two spacious studios—one with a white wall, and one with a green screen. The white wall is ideal for getting that crisp studio look—while the green screen can be used to reproduce any outdoor environment you want, without having to scout and travel to locations or deal with inclement weather.

Options for Comp Cards

If you shoot comp cards, you know how important it is to shoot the model in a number of different environments and moods. In addition to the white wall and green screen, Meets the Eye offers a large commercial kitchen, offices, and conference room—all available for shooting, and perfect for commercial print comp cards and business headshots. Add these options to the white wall and green screen, and you have a flexible facility that satisfies a wide range of setting needs.

Easy Equipment Rentals

Meets the Eye offers a wide range of equipment for rental, including cameras, lenses, lighting, cables, and other professional gear. No matter what you need, there’s a very high chance we have it—and we do everything to make sure that all equipment is set up and ready to use on shoot day.

Comfortable Facilities

Meets the Eye has everything your clients need on-site to feel comfortable and to get ready—including an on-site shower, spacious dressing rooms with plenty of room for wardrobe and makeup, Wi-Fi and video streaming capabilities in each room, a large commercial kitchen, and a green room furnished with reclining leather sofas, dvds, games and a modest library.

Quick Setup

Meets the Eye’s two large soundstages are pre-lit to help expedite the setup process, allowing you to maximize your studio time. If you rent equipment from us, we’ll make sure that it’s ready to go when your appointment begins. In fact, our staff functions as a concierge service for our photographer clients — if there’s something you need in terms of equipment or referrals, let us know in advance and we’ll make sure it’s good to go.

If you’re a headshot photographer in the South Bay area looking for a studio location, Meets the Eye Studios has everything you need. We offer a wide range of settings and backgrounds for all headshot, comp card, and promotional photography, including endless options with our green screen studio as well as modern and comfortable facilities, extensive equipment rental options, knowledgeable staff, and everything you need to get great photos—and differentiate yourself to your customers. Get in touch today to schedule a tour or take a virtual walk-through to get a taste of the Meets the Eye experience.