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Why Shoot Here

Immaculate, Spacious & Loaded With Features

Meets the Eye Studios is the ideal choice for producers, filmmakers, photographers, event planners, and anyone else needing a large space ready to shoot. With two air-conditioned soundstages — including one with a pre-lit green screen — Meets the Eye Studios offers some of the largest shooting spaces in the Bay Area. Studios are wire-ready for stunt work and have large loading doors for easy loading of items such as a full grip truck or big set structures.

In addition, Meets the Eye Studios comes with amenities needed to run productions: free front/back parking, large commercial kitchen, green room, shower, bathrooms, office/conference rooms, and each of these spaces can be used for shooting. Cameras, lighting, cables, and other gear are available for rental, and a completely networked facility provides wifi and video streaming capabilities in every room. For clients with further needs, the Meets the Eye staff acts like a concierge service, doing everything possible to ensure that equipment, spaces, and other logistics are ready and available.

Run by film industry veterans and designed to accommodate productions big and small, Meets the Eye Studios combines large studio spaces with modern amenities and an immaculate facility. For many filmmakers, producers, and directors, all it takes is one visit to understand the unique standard set by Meets the Eye Studios: a studio for filmmakers by filmmakers that handles the impossible everyday to expedite every aspect of production.


Who works with us?

  •  Producers


    Meets the Eye Studios simplifies a producer’s day-to-day tasks thanks to clean and spacious soundstages, accessible power distribution, optional equipment and resources, and flat rates with no hidden fees. Two studios with lighting grids and scissor lifts — including one large pre-lit green screen — and additional offices are available for shooting. Amenities range from a full-service commercial kitchen to shower/bathrooms to wardrobe/hair/makeup rooms equipped with professional makeup mirrors, rolling racks and an iron and ironing board. A fully integrated video network means that shooting can be monitored from any room, and a low-decibel HVAC system allows production to move forward while keeping crew and talent cool. Other resources include equipment for rent (cameras, lighting, cables, etc.) and a network of professionals available for hire or consultation.

  •  Filmmakers


    Indie filmmakers will feel right at home with Meets the Eye Studios. With flat rates, no hidden costs, and both studios and office/conference rooms available for shooting locations, Meets the Eye Studios provides a flexible and supportive environment run by filmmakers who understand your needs. Cameras, lighting, and other gear are available to help streamline to-do lists, as well as a network of professional and collaborative resources should you need it. Simply put, it’s got everything that filmmakers could possibly need — or want — to make their lives easier.

  •  Out of Town Productions

    Out of Town Productions

    For productions coming from out of town, Meets the Eye Studios offers many features that consolidate logistics into a single accessible location. Its two large studios — including a pre-lit green screen — are among the Bay Area’s largest, and the facility also includes a full-service commercial kitchen, large green room, and equipment (camera, cables, lighting, etc.) rentals. The office/conference rooms can be used for production or casting offices, as well as additional shooting options. The Meets the Eye staff is a resource in itself, acting as a concierge service to ensure that out-of-town productions have everything they need to get started on Day 1.

  •  Industrial Commercial Productions

    Industrial and Commercial Productions

    Conveniently located halfway between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Meets the Eye Studios is the ideal location for industrial video production. The large pre-lit green screen saves money by expediting setup time, ensuring a quick and efficient shoot for VIP interviews, remote broadcasts, or product glamour shots. With WiFi and networked video available in the facility’s extra offices and conference rooms, producers and their clients can comfortably get work done or monitor the shoot.

  •  Casting Director

    Casting Directors

    When you need to impress your clients, consider Meets the Eye Studios for all of your casting needs. Our immaculate, beautifully designed facility features all of the amenities your discerning clients have come to expect: two state-of-the-art studios for casting sessions, conference room, private offices, separate waiting areas for talent, and much more. Lunch can be catered from our commercial kitchen and served in the Meets the Eye Cafe or in the conference room for greater privacy. With WiFi, networked video capabilities throughout, and a spacious green room — complete with leather club chairs, TVs, and reclining sofas — your clients can comfortably get work done or monitor auditions from nearly anywhere in the facility.

  •  Gaffer


    Meets the Eye Studios was designed to accommodate a gaffer’s needs to streamline the entire production process. Each studio is equipped with a large 12×12 loading bay capable of accommodating a full range of vehicles. Full lighting grids with speed rails and a pre-lit green screen save on setup time while clean and open spaces means that gaffers can focus on their job instead of working around other equipment. Additional equipment (cables, scissor lift, and more) is available on an as-needed basis, along with further lighting equipment available for rental and multiple power distribution and video networking access points for flexible electrical setup and configuration.

  •  Stunt Coordinator

    Stunt Coordinators

    Meets the Eye Studios can accommodate the specific needs of stunt coordinators, both in terms of space and features. Large, immaculate soundstages allow for freedom when it comes to stunt choreography and rehearsal. Both studios feature lighting grids capable of wire work, saving time and enabling flexibility when dealing with even complex wire-based stunts. Meets the Eye Studios’ complete video network allows stunt coordinators to monitor performance from any room in the facility, and additional office/conference space is available for reviewing and discussing stunt logistics away from the hustle and bustle of the main production.

  •  Event Planner

    Event Planners

    Meets the Eye Studios and its immaculate and spacious studio spaces are also available for event rentals. Both studios are equipped with large loading doors for easy setup, breakdown, and cleanup of event decor, props and stages. With soundproofed and air conditioned studios, live bands or DJs can perform without worrying about noise pollution or stuffy, hot environments. Caterers can use the large full-service commercial kitchen, and additional office/conference rooms are available as secondary spaces. The Meets the Eye green room — complete with leather club chairs, TVs, reclining sofas, and more — is perfect for VIP’s.

Why Shoot Here?