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A Closer Look At The Meets the Eye Studios Difference

Immaculate, spacious, and run by experienced filmmakers, Meets the Eye Studios offers one of the Bay Area’s largest shooting spaces and comes loaded with amenities to help producers and filmmakers save time and money. Costs are straightforward with free parking and flat rates for space, power, and overtime — no hidden fees or surprise costs, and crew are welcome to optionally rent and use available gear (cameras, lighting, etc.) or other facility spaces if necessary.

Both main studios set the Bay Area standard for what a shooting space should have. Silent HVAC systems keep talent and crew comfortable without any noise concerns while immaculate studios, accessible power/video distribution, and large 12×12 loading doors mean that setup and teardown are never an issue. The lighting grid in both studios combines the strength of engineered trusses with the adaptability of speed rail. Other equipment included in standard rental rates includes a scissor lift, chairs, tables, ladders, C-stands, and sandbags.

Why shoot here? All of Meets the Eye Studios’ amenities and features were designed to make your life easier. From the pre-lit green screen to immaculate facilities to the included and optional gear, each of these helps productions save time and money. That’s why Meets the Eye Studios is known as the filmmaker’s studio — for filmmakers, by filmmakers.



What our clients say

“There really is no other stage in town that offers the same flexibility, versatility, and most of all you know what you’re getting up front. I try to bring every studio job that I do to Meets the Eye.”

Art Adams
Director of Photography

“I can talk to Marshall and have a discussion about the budget it doesn’t change, there are no hidden fees. You can rent equipment, you can rent cameras, you can rent lights at Meets the Eye Studios.”

Andy Wood
Producer, Girl Friday Production

“I wanted to shoot on Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, but I realized that it was impossible to do without money. I never shot on a green screen before. The team here helped me understand how to make it possible.”

Jean-Louise Milesi

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