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7 Benefits of Using a White Wall Studio

What Photographers and Videographers Need to Know

Several months ago, Meets the Eye Studios converted Studio B into a paintable white wall space with a permanent white epoxy floor. This unbeatable combination of efficiency and ease of use delivers numerous features in a space that is significantly larger than traditional seamless options (38’x16’ vs. 9’ or 12’). The permanent epoxy floor creates an intersection point where the wall meets the floor, offering a large and flexible space for productions of all kinds.

What are the Specific Benefits of a White Wall Soundstage?

1. The white wall and floor provide natural brightness allowing for flexibility and space. We invite clients to transform and customize to get the absolute best shots out of the space.

2. Seamless paper backgrounds can be expensive and only last for a handful of shoots. A permanent white wall relieves productions from that expense, allowing them to place more of the budget on higher priority issues.

3. A white space promotes creative possibilities based on the way it harnesses spatial awareness and depth. The natural brightness is often energizing for the cast and crew — think of the open and inviting atmosphere of an Apple store compared to a dark claustrophobic space.

4. A white background instantly creates an aesthetically pleasing image. By surrounding the subject with a stark brightness, the subject automatically becomes the focal point of the shoot, whether for video or photography.

5. A white wall/floor can become its own light source thanks to its reflective properties. And since this is a permanent installation, the Meets the Eye staff knows how to augment and tweak it to achieve a specific look. This saves time, money, and energy to create an overall more efficient experience.

6. When used for photography, the white background instantly isolates the subject. This creates a situation where the subject is easily extractable for compositing, more so than any other color — even green screen.

7. A permanent white wall saves money from start to finish. Seamless options require setup while a white wall and floor are already available while requiring less space to prepare. The epoxy floor is also more cost-effective for the studio, which allows facilities like Meets the Eye to pass that savings on to the client. Finally, after the shoot, a white background offers a clean isolated shot and easy compositing, thus needing less time and money in post-production.

There are many other benefits to using a white wall, and we invite you to see them in person or by taking our virtual reality tour online. We look forward to seeing what you’ll create using the white wall.