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7 Reasons You Need to Master Studio Photography

As a photographer, mastering studio photography will give you a great foundation for your work. Having experience in a studio setting allows you the walk into any studio and know how to handle lighting, backdrops, and a variety of subjects.

The flexibility that studio photography offers is one of its biggest benefits, and it’s important to know how to use it to your advantage. When you choose Meets the Eye, you have the space and an array of amenities to create a truly special finished product in a controlled environment.

Why Studio Photography Is an Important Skill for Photographers

The beauty of photography is that you can take a camera anywhere you would like. And while the outdoors can offer stunning views, studio photography offers you the predictability and amenities you need for product photography, style shoots, and more.

Reason #1

In a photography studio, you have full control of the environment, whereas if you shoot outside you’re subject to unpredictable weather and changing light. You can schedule a session without worry, knowing that your shoot can take still place whether it’s raining or snowing or at midnight.

Reason #2

The amenities of a studio are reason enough to master studio photography. A studio offers a number of advantages, from the technical amenities like a pre-lit lighting grid to bathrooms, kitchens, and office space. And if you forgot a cable or a lens, we’ll have it for you.

Reason #3

There is a great deal of flexibility in studio photography. Backdrops, subject matter, and lighting can be challenging to find outdoors, but when you move inside, you can create the ideal atmosphere for your photography shoot. Knowing how to use your equipment to do so is an invaluable skill.

Reason #4

Product photography often requires a clean background, which can be hard to find outside of a studio environment. In a studio, though, you have the perfect foundation to take stunning shots of your product, with flexible lighting inside a controlled environment.

Reason #5:

Mastering studio photography also means working with cyc walls, including green screens and white walls. A pre-lit green screen like we have in Studio A gives you an array of options for your shoot. Using a white wall provides the appearance of infinite space, which is ideal for many situations.

Reason #6

When it comes to the staples, all photography studios are largely the same. If you can work the lighting grid in one, you’ll be able to use the lighting in another. Cyc walls are largely similar across different studios, so mastering studio photography means you can travel to your clients and still be able to produce stunning images.

Reason #7

Studio photography also offers your clients a chance to visit the shoot, then head to an office to continue working. If you were on location across the country, it would be harder to ensure you’re meeting their expectations. For this reason, mastering studio photography can make all the difference in you and your client’s productivity levels.

The outdoors can be alluring, but studio photography gives you the flexibility and dependability many shoots require. When you book with Meets the Eye Studios, you have full access to our facility.

This means the commercial kitchen, office space, wardrobe, makeup and conference rooms, plenty of free parking, and bathrooms complete with a shower. If you have set pieces for your shoot, our 12’ by 12’ loading doors provide the space to bring in just what you need.