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Commercial Studios in the Bay Area

End-to-End Bay Area Commercial Production

Meets the Eye Studios provides Bay Area businesses with everything they need in a commercial studio. We don’t say that to boast; it’s simply a fact. From start to finish, you can get it done at Meets the Eye. Our facility is more than just a sound stage for shooting. From office space to a catering-friendly kitchen, Meets the Eye delivers on end-to-end needs for your commercial production, all in an immaculately kept facility.

Location: Before you start, you need to get cast and crew to the studio. Meets the Eye is located in San Carlos, an easy 30 minutes or less within all major Bay Area airports (SFO, SJC, and OAK). Meets the Eye also has free parking and large 12’x12’ loading doors into both Studio A and Studio B.

Discretion: Making a commercial for a top-secret IP or product launch? Meets the Eye’s staff will work with any of your discretionary needs. Whether it’s blacking out the windows or remote monitoring of casting sessions, your needs are our top priority. If so desired, some Bay Area giants have leased out the entire Meets the Eye facility for several-week stretches to ensure absolute control over their production. We’d love to tell you who they are, but, you know, discretion. Whatever you need to maintain discretion, Meets the Eye will make it happen.

Casting: Meets the Eye Studios has a number of offices and a large conference room available to use, equipped with standard office amenities such as printing and Wi-Fi. These are the perfect areas to host casting sessions, along with a large and comfortable green room for waiting talent. All Meets the Eye rooms are networked for HD-SDI feed so casting sessions can be monitored by all interested parties.

Shooting: Whatever you need to shoot your commercial production, we’ve got it covered at Meets the Eye Studios. It starts with two huge sound stages — including one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screens. From there, clients are invited to dress up conference/office space, green rooms, and any other part of the facility that might fit their production needs. In addition, productions can be supported with anything from on-site equipment rentals to referrals for quality professionals. Meets the Eye is prepared to make your shoots as streamlined and hassle-free as possible.

Review: With Wi-Fi, ethernet, and HD-SDI networking in every part of the Meets the Eye facility, it’s easy to review footage. Groups can use the conference room, while individuals are invited to make use of offices or even get comfortable in the green room. With a full-service commercial kitchen, it’s possible to bring in catering for long review sessions, ensuring everyone buys off on the shoot before closing production.

Are there other elements you need in a Bay Area commercial studio? Chances are, Meets the Eye has got you covered. Find out for yourself by scheduling a free tour of Meets the Eye Studios in San Carlos.

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