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Video Rental Studio for Live Streaming Events

Using A Rental Video Studio to Showcase Your Company

As video continues to grow as a valuable marketing resource, it’s important to produce high quality content. Instead of resorting to your conference room, choose a rental studio that can provide you with the space and amenities you need for a successful live stream, commercial shoot, or product demo.

At Meets The Eye Studios, we’re proud of how our amenities are serving companies throughout Silicon Valley and San Francisco. Our experienced team can minimize stress and give you the best experience possible so you can focus on creating high quality content.

Should I Use a Rental Studio for My Company’s Live Stream?

In short, yes! A rental studio’s amenities are built for a large crew (and attendees), and we also offer plenty of free off-street parking. Our studios are built to be quiet, even with large air-conditioners to keep the space cool.

Meets The Eye Studios is also fully networked, so your team can watch the live stream throughout our office space if needed. This is an ideal setup for an event with multiple speakers, allowing them to prepare in green rooms while still observing what is happening

While live streamed events can offer your information to a wider audience, speaking to a camera rather than an audience can change the event’s atmosphere.

The chemistry between the speaker and the virtual audience can lose its magic, which is why we still recommend bringing in an audience. Our large studios offer space for cameras, talent, and an in-studio audience.

Live Streaming in a Rental Studio

There are many considerations to make when hosting a live stream. Instead of asking a company to come into your office and risking technical problems, come to a space that’s built for it.

We have everything you need to make your live stream event a success. This includes a white wall studio with great lighting and technical capacity.

A white wall studio is ideal for interviews, though we recommend it for any live stream or video shoot due to its minimal appearance. The background will seemingly disappear, leaving your speakers at the focal point.

If the technical side of your live stream event isn’t working, your audience won’t absorb the information you’re sharing. A rental studio is the ideal place to maximize the content and flow of the event and minimize technical issues.

There are a variety of ways you can use our South Bay rental studio for a live stream event:

  •       Company events
  •       Conferences
  •       Product reveal
  •       Behind the scenes view

Company Events

Live streaming is a great way to host a company-wide meeting to each of your offices or stores. These town hall style meetings can be organized to share a new company directive, share a quarterly report, or introduce a new executive.

These live streamed company events are also an ideal method to boost company culture. Morale can suffer when a company is spread among multiple offices across the country (or world), but hearing from your leadership team can help change that.

When you rent a video studio like Meets The Eye, the only thing you’ll need to worry about is the content. We’ll work with your production team to ensure everything is ready for your live stream and that your in studio audience will be comfortable.


Live streaming conferences is a growing choice among organizers, and allows you to reach a greater audience. When live streaming a conference, there are an array of technical requirements to ensure the even happens smoothly.

In addition to our large studio space, each studio rental comes with an experienced stage manager to help you run the event. They can liaise with all departments involved to help ensure your conference goes smoothly.

For an all day event, you can bring in a catering team to serve meals in our commercial kitchen. With a tightly scheduled event like a conference, efficiency is key. Our kitchen facilities will help ensure you get your attendees through the line and back to their seats for the next session.

A common concern is that the live stream will decrease the number of in person attendees. The data doesn’t lie, though. In 2016, Digitell shared that 30% of people who watched the live stream of an event would attend in person the next year.

And once Coachella began live streaming, their tickets sold out in three hours instead of three days. While this is in a slightly different context than filming a live stream in a rental studio, the concept is the same: people will both watch and attend.

Product Reveal

Like a conference, your next product reveal can greatly benefit from live streaming. In the world of Periscope, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live, you can offer your extended audience a high quality stream from your own website, or your social media accounts.

As video marketing continues to grow in popularity and cost-effectiveness, it’s important to fully utilize the medium for your company. A product reveal can be both live streamed and recorded for later release.

We have the technical capabilities and 12′ by 12′ loading doors for set pieces or large products for your next product reveal.

Behind the Scenes View

A live stream is also one way to give your customers a look behind the scenes at your company. Transparency has become increasingly important to consumers over the last few years, and you can capitalize on that.

This could include offering a pre- and post-live stream showing the set, speaking with product designers and managers, and answering questions for viewers. Technology is helping marketers share more efficiently and creatively, and live streaming is one piece of this.

If you’re hosting a conference at a rental video studio, have someone on your team live stream behind the scenes footage with speakers, setup, and conference-related events.

There’s a fine balance in this, because you don’t want to ruin the surprise of a product demo or get in the way during a conference. But when planned and implemented well, a behind the scenes view is an excellent way to use live streaming to your advantage.

Shooting a Commercial with a Rental Studio

When planning a product release, it’s important to find the right space for a commercial shoot. We have two studios, each with quiet HVAC systems and soundproofed walls. Studio A is our pre-lit green screen studio, and Studio B features our white wall studio.

We also offer a wide range of rental equipment, making your team’s planning easier. And if in the rare case we don’t have the gear you need, we’ll find it for you and have it in the studio ready for your arrival.

We know that it’s important for your company’s executives to continue working while overseeing a video, which is why we have a number of conference rooms and private offices available for their use.

They will also be able to use our networked video capabilities to watch what is happening in either studio while continuing to work.

As owner of Seasons Productions, Cristina Gastelu-Villarreal knows what clients need during a video production.

“We use Meets The Eye for our corporate clients, particularly the high tech clients based on the peninsula. The availability of private rooms is also very attractive for the CEOs who still need to be productive… while shooting a video.”

Shooting a Product Demo in a Rental Video Studio

Like with live video streaming, the white wall studio in Studio B can help you create an informative product demo. Because product demo videos are created to showcase the product in action, it’s important to keep the set minimal.

This will give you the chance to show your product off, not your background of a noisy office or ill-lit conference room.

Shooting a product demo can be intimidating, particularly if this is a new marketing tool for you. As Forbes describes, there are a number of tasks involved, but taking advantage of the opportunity is critical.

“On the surface, creating and publishing your own videos as a part of an integrated marketing communications program can be a particularly daunting task.

“But video is essential to a well-rounded marketing plan, and ignoring the opportunities — or worse yet, fearing the process — only limits your ability to reach those you can influence.”

By investing in a product video, you can take your product live and share how it can change people’s daily lives without a distracting quality issue.

As filmmakers ourselves, we know what coming into a rental studio can feel like. This is why we’ve created a space where you can have everything you need available. Whether you need the studio space for a live stream or a commercial video shoot, at Meets The Eye you’ll have the space and amenities you need to make it an enjoyable experience.

For a tour of our facility and to learn more about our San Carlos video rental studios, give us a call at (650) 508-8801 or email us.