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Colorado’s Waypoint Films Works with Meets The Eye

Their Preferred Bay Area Sound Stage

You don’t have to be local to work with Meets the Eye Studios. In the past year, Meets the Eye was the studio of choice for Waypoint Films, a video production company based out of Boulder, Colorado. Founded in 2008, Waypoint usually handles short-form work (TV and web spots), and their portfolio includes such names as Mastercard, Nike, and KIA. In addition to large corporate clients, Waypoint works with local Colorado organizations and non-profits, providing end-to-end services ranging from pre-production requiring stunts and pyrotechnics to post-production editing and effects.

The Meets the Eye/Waypoint collaboration stems from Waypoint shooting a project for a Bay Area ad agency. Once the ink dried on the paperwork, Waypoint’s team had to figure out where exactly they were going to shoot in Northern California. Founder Jed Mortenson had many studio options to choose from, but he ultimately chose Meets the Eye.  “I was shooting a project for a Bay Area client through a Bay Area ad agency, so Meets the Eye was a perfect location,” says Mortenson, referring to Meets the Eye’s centralized San Carlos location.

Waypoint has shot at Meets the Eye for two productions, and both times were single-day shoots in Studio A, the massive pre-lit greenscreen recognized as one of the largest in the Bay Area. “Both projects I have done at Meets the Eye have been high-end corporate medical videos with doctors or actors on the green screen,” says Mortenson.

With just a single day booked, shooting was on a tight schedule. Fortunately, Meets the Eye provided many amenities that helped ensure things went smoothly. “Most of my shoots are small (one day), so not having to spend the time on a scissor lift to rig the space lights is a major time saver, and eliminates the need for a pre-light day in most cases,” says Mortenson. For the second shoot, Mortenson also took advantage of the in-house basic camera package, and the fact that Studio A is a dedicated green screen helped him save money. “I love that the cyc and floor stay green, and I don’t have to pay to have them painted from white to green and back.”

While Meets the Eye is probably just a little too far from Boulder, Colorado to be Waypoint’s regular shooting space, Jed Mortenson has clearly found his workspace for his future Bay Area work. With a large greenscreen, in-house equipment, and easy location, Meets the Eye Studios offers everything Mortenson needs to complete projects for his Bay Area clients. Oh, and one more intangible fact: “Also, my gaffer Luke Seerveld loves it because it’s right down the street from his house!”

If Waypoint is willing to fly in from Colorado to work with Meets the Eye, that says a lot.  But see for yourself – contact us today to schedule a free tour of our immaculate San Carlos facility.