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Event Space In San Carlos

Large Event Studio Space & Full Commercial Kitchen

San Carlos may not be the first place that comes to mind when looking at event spaces for the Bay Area, but it’s actually the ideal solution — especially when you consider all that Meets The Eye Studios brings to the table.

Located just off Highway 101 in San Carlos, Meets The Eye Studios is a commercial studio primarily used for video and film production. However, its many amenities and large sound stages are perfect for an event space. Because San Carlos is conveniently located from all of the Bay Area’s major cities: SFO (12 miles), SJC (22 miles), and OAK (27 miles). This combination makes it the ideal host for many different types of events:

Corporate Holiday Parties

Whether it’s a catered event or a large potluck, Meets The Eye provides a variety of options for your corporate holiday party. The full-service commercial kitchen allows for plenty of space no matter your dining setup: catering with wait staff, potluck-style service, catered buffet, or something completely different. Unique options, such as bringing a food truck into Studio B, are possible thanks to the large 12×12 loading doors. We invite clients to make the most of the various spaces, including using the pre-lit greenscreen in Studio A for photo/video booth fun or enjoying the cafe-style seating in the facility’s upstairs.


Launch/Milestone Parties

Perhaps your company is celebrating something other than the holidays. A major launch, a significant milestone, or some other reason to celebrate with staff while inviting press for speeches and presentations, all of that is possible at Meets The Eye. Studio B is a large black-walled space so you can feel free to bring in a stage with full background screen elements, hang lights, and other presentation elements that can be used. A large conference room and a variety of single offices can allow for further interviews or demonstrations, and the full-service kitchen provides all of the amenities necessary for large-scale catering. With its centralized San Carlos location and free parking, press and VIPs can easily get to Meets The Eye Studios without worrying about travel times or parking woes.


Large Personal Events

Think of the typical events you’d host at a hotel: family reunions, wedding receptions, birthday parties, and more. Now think outside the box (and the hotel) and consider Meets The Eye Studios. Meets The Eye offers two large soundstages for the main event area, including a pre-lit greenscreen for use with photo/video booths, a full-service commercial kitchen, additional seating and lounge areas, and an immaculately kept facility. The soundstages can accommodate stages, presentations, live music, DJs, and more. Because Meets The Eye’s San Carlos location is conveniently centralized from all major Bay Area airports, it’s a simple drive for almost everyone, whether they’re local or flying in for the big event.

Think San Carlos For Your Bay Area Event Space

We’re confident that you won’t have to go to Oakland, San Francisco, or San Jose to find the Bay Area’s best event space; it’s right here in San Carlos. At Meets The Eye, we work with a wide range of people to stage an event, from professional event planners to HR departments to individuals taking charge. Get in touch with us today for a free scheduled tour and you’ll immediately see why San Carlos is perfect for your big event.