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Best Place for a Holiday Party in the Bay

The Ideal Event Venue Location For SF, SJ, & Oakland

If you haven’t noticed, holiday music has begun to invade our ears and the stores are filled with decorations. For event planners, that also means that it’s the season for office holiday parties. Why go with the traditional route of hotels and restaurants when you can have a truly one-of-a-kind event venue in an immaculate facility capable of full-service catering? Welcome to Meets the Eye Studios, the Bay Area’s top choice for holiday events.

A Photo Booth Like No Other

Want to have a holiday party that will be talked about for years? Meets the Eye offers an event space like no other thanks to Studio A — the Bay Area’s best pre-lit green screen. With the green screen, you can craft all sorts of unique photo booth ideas or even video with backgrounds already added in. We work with photography and video vendors to help them maximize the capabilities of the space, and other options include a fully networked facility (HD-SDI network, ethernet, WiFi) so live feeds of photos and videos can be broadcast throughout the event.

Large Spaces, Many Options

With Meets the Eye, the full facility is available for event rental. That means everything from Studio A (green screen), Studio B (sound stage capable of live music or special staging), the cafe style seating, and the lounge area/green room, along with the office and conference space are yours for the night. This allows for maximum flexibility and scalability of your event, and we welcome event planners to bring in decor and other dressing to truly make it a memorable evening. As almost evert part of Meets the Eye’s facility has been used for filming before, we know how to best use the different elements for set dressing. It’s not just the space or the number of options, it’s how it all comes together, and Meets the Eye and its dedicated staff can help you craft an event for the ages.

Full-Service Commercial Kitchen

Catering is one of the most critical aspects of event planning, and the full-service commercial kitchen at Meets the Eye allows planners to work with nearly any catering company in just about every situation. The Meets the Eye kitchen includes a range of commercial grade appliances:

– LG Studio Series gas cooktop and oven
– Frigidaire professional microwaves
– M3 Turbo Air refrigerator

In addition, ample work space and serving/prep tools are available for caterers to expedite setup and food preparation, whether the event features buffet-style service or a wait staff. Meets the Eye also offers cafe-style seating and a large lounge area (AKA the green room for film productions), ensuring that there’s always a place for guests to relax and eat.

Free Parking

If you’ve ever gone to an event in San Francisco, then you know the dreaded parking dilemma. Pay exorbitant parking fees? Use inefficient public transportation? Find an expensive cab? At Meets the Eye, our facility has its own parking lot and is adjacent to plenty of free street parking, ensuring that parking is a hassle-free experience. This isn’t just for guests; this makes setup for entertainment and catering much easier, and Meets the Eye’s soundstages also have large 12×12 loading doors to accommodate any logistical needs.

Convenient Location

Meets the Eye Studios is located in San Carlos, a convenient middle ground for the entire Bay Area. That means that whether you’re an East Bay corporation, San Francisco tech startup, or a Silicon Valley giant, Meets the Eye is always an easy highway drive with easy access to all of the Bay Area’s major airports for out-of-town guests — 12 miles from SFO, 22 miles from SJC, and 27 miles from OAK.

See It For Yourself!

We’ve talked about the many features that help make Meets the Eye the ideal holiday party space for Bay Area companies, but words can’t truly describe what our facility has to offer. We invite you to schedule a free tour of Meets the Eye Studios. Call now to hear about our pricing structures. From our immaculately kept soundstages to our commercial-quality kitchen, we’re confident that Meets the Eye will exceed all of your event-planning expectations. Happy holidays!