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Bay Area Film Studio With Lighting Grid

Lighting Grid For Wire Stunt Work

For productions seeking a film studio featuring lighting grids that can support wire stunt work in the San Francisco Bay Area, Meets the Eye Studios offers an affordable and cutting-edge solution with a convenient location. Meets the Eye is an immaculately kept facility featuring two soundstages with lighting grids (one with a pre-lit greenscreen), free parking, office space, a full-service commercial kitchen, and much more, all just 12 miles south of San Francisco in beautiful San Carlos.

Lighting Grids For Optimal Configuration

Both Studio A (one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit greenscreen) and Studio B have complete lighting grids with speed rails; the lighting grids are also capable of supporting wire work for intricate stunts. The lighting grids provide productions and gaffers with many different options for achieving the optimal lighting solution, and Meets the Eye has a library of additional lights and equipment to round out the necessary gear to get the shot just perfect.

In the case of Studio A, the pre-lit configuration is an efficient way to create a baseline lighting setup. Bay Area gaffer Luke Seerveld explains:


“As a gaffer with a two-ton grip truck, it’s nice to show up at Meets The Eye and already have the space lights hung. Space light configurations can require finessing, which is certainly possible at this stage as well, but I’ve found that the pre-hung units are usually fine for a base light and can be augmented easily with units on the ground. This is a time and cost savings that I appreciate, even if they are units I’m not renting.”


Ready For Wire Work

Both lighting grids in Studio A and Studio B are capable of wire stunt work. Meets the Eye has seen everything from sci-fi futuristic battles with stunt performers wearing heavy armor to trapeze artistry filmed against the Studio A greenscreen for compositing into a circus scene. Because of Meets the Eye’s spacious sound stages, stunt coordinators have plenty of space to handle intense choreography.


“Other studios are facilities that I’ve worked at before are equipped with lighting grids but they’re just for that and aren’t necessarily set up for body weight — which needs to be three times or more the existing weight you’re rigging on to,” says noted Bay Area stuntman Tony Vella. “Meets the Eye is set up already for that. I know that the rigging here is going to support everything we need to do.”


Conveniently Located

Wherever your crew is coming from, Meets the Eye is conveniently located right off Highway 101 and central to all major airports. The San Carlos facility is an easy drive from San Francisco (SFO: 12 miles), the South Bay (SJC: 22 miles), and Oakland (OAK: 27 miles), complete with free parking. To see the lighting grids of Studio A and Studio B in person, we invite you to come to the Peninsula for a free tour. Just contact us and schedule a time; we’re confident that you’ll be thrilled with what you find at Meets the Eye.