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SFDFF 2015 Entries Shot At Meets The Eye

Meets The Eye Studios Supports San Francisco Dance Film Festival

Film and video are flexible media. The final product can be feature length, episodic, webisode, or short; they can be glimpses of real life, fictional narratives told in an engrossing and engaging way, hard-hitting facts and news, or presentations of a purely artistic nature.<!–more–>

Recently, Meets the Eye Studios had the privilege of hosting shoots for the latter type of film experience.

The San Francisco Dance Film Festival is an annual celebration of both dance and cinema. Founded in 2010, the SFDFF is committed to bringing this unique blend of art forms to a wider audience, all while supporting further opportunities for cross-collaboration and creative exchange. The festival is internationally recognized and features such partners as the San Francisco Ballet and the Museum of Performance + Dance. In addition to the annual festival, the organization works year-round to celebrate the presentation of dance on camera.

The films vary in range and scope, though they all focus on the beauty of the dance art form. “It was wonderful having the San Francisco Dance Film Festival in the studio. I’ve always loved dance films. They have the opportunity to do something that live performance does not, which is provide an intimate, close-up perspective on the dancers,” says Marshall Spight, Founder of Meets the Eye Studios. “Dance is the direct, kinetic expression of the human spirit. Joy, love, fear, lust, sadness: all have wordless expression through the medium of dance.”

Not only does this demonstrate the versatility of Meets the Eye’s two large soundstages (including the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit greenscreen), it also is a strong example of how the Meets the Eye team strongly supports the Bay Area arts community, both film and otherwise. “While our corporate clients are important to us, there is something special about working with people who are doing art for its own sake,” says Spight. “We all need both in our lives: our sustenance depends on compensations both monetary and artistic.”

For more information on the San Francisco Dance Film Festival — including details on their year-round activities — visit their website by clicking here.