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Bay Area Event Space Checklist

What You Need To Look For When Planning A Bay Area Event

Whether it’s a corporate event or a personal party, event planners — both professional and amateur — need to check for some specific items to make sure that things go smoothly and all requirements are met. The following checklist covers the critical essentials, all organized into groups with in-depth explanations regarding what you should ask before you book you event.


An event’s location is important, and not just the city it’s in. Drive time and ease of finding are real-world concerns, especially if people are coming on a weekday or aren’t familiar with the region. For example, at Meets the Eye Studios, we often mention that we’re an event space in San Carlos. This is important as it addresses those two specifics: first, San Carlos is known to be centrally located to nearly all Bay Area corners, and second, the city is right off Highway 101, so there aren’t too many concerns about getting guests lost on side streets.

Check: General location is accessible for majority of guests
Check: Venue is easy to find off the highway

Parking/Public Transportation

If you have a large number of guests to your event, it’s critical that they can actually find a place to park or have easy access from public transportation within walking distance of the event. In fact, accessibility to public transportation is a growing mandate for more and more companies and organizations. Event spaces in crowded metro downtown areas can be a problem because there is limited street parking and lot parking, forcing people to use expensive commercial lots or cabs. If public transportation is easily accessible, make sure to note that on invitations and event notices. Nothing ruins an event experience quite like difficult parking and a lack of public transportation options.

Check: Ample and inexpensive local parking options for guests


Food and drink are probably the most memorable — thus, important — part of the event. Your venue will need to support your food options. That means that if you’re having food trucks, there needs to be a space for them to park. If you’re bringing in catering, the caterer’s prep and serving needs must be met. If you’re having a buffet, there needs to be proper serving space. And of course, people need to be able to eat; if it’s just appetizers, small plates and standing are feasible but if it’s a full meal, a seated dining option is important.

Check: Prep and serving space for your preferred food option
Check: Multiple seating options for your event
Check: Dining space for your preferred food option
Check: Venue is authorized to serve alcohol


Presentations, Sound, & Decor

Depending on the type of event, you may have needs for a stage, decor and event staging, and public address/sound system. Any venue under consideration has to specifically support all of these, not just from a technical perspective but also from a practical loading/unloading/setup perspective.

Check: Venue meets your sound/amplification needs
Check: Venue can load/unload large stage/decoration pieces


General amenities, such as bathrooms and quieter areas, are a must for events. Based on your projected headcount, the usual guideline is one available bathroom per 50 people. That means that a large headcount in a venue with limited bathrooms will require portable bathrooms and additional sanitation, plus the space for it.

Check: Venue headcount cap and available bathrooms
Check: Portable bathroom space as needed.


Meets the Eye: A Bay Area Event Space

If you’re looking for an event space — corporate or otherwise — in the San Francisco Bay Area, schedule a free tour of Meets the Eye Studios. Conveniently located in San Carlos, Meets the Eye offers a variety of large spaces, a full-service commercial-quality kitchen, and numerous unique amenities that make it a favorite of both filmmakers and event planners alike. Contact Meets the Eye today to see for yourself.