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San Francisco’s Pre-Lit Green Screen

A Pre-Lit Green Screen For All Scenarios

When productions want green screen versatility in San Francisco, they only need to go a little south down to San Carlos: Meets the Eye Studios offers one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screen. At 50’ x 70’ with 17’ ceilings,our Studio A accommodates shoots of many sizes, whether set- and stunt-heavy genre work,industrial interviews, or money-saving location substitutions. We’ve seen it all at Meets the Eye, and here are four common scenarios that really get the most out of our pre-lit green screen:

Scenario 1: Locations

Many people think that green screen shooting wouldn’t be employed for, say, a family drama or a real-world thriller. However, green screens can be one of the most effective ways to handle location shots without dealing with the logistics of weather, permits, crowds, etc. For example, in Don’t Give Up The Ghost by Jean-Louis Milesi, a major scene takes place at noted San Francisco landmark Alcatraz. Because this is such a historic and visited Bay Area location, green screen shooting circumvented the huge list of logistics involved. The actors were shot at Meets the Eye in San Carlos while the plate shots took place up the peninsula at Alcatraz. The shots were composited together in editing and the production saved on time and money.

Scenario 2: Stunts and VFX

The standard thinking for green screen work is VFX work, and Meets the Eye Studios has certainly seen that. These types of shoots are intricate, particularly when stunts are involved, and Meets the Eye accommodates this with the largest Bay Area pre-lit green screen from the South Bay to San Francisco. Our pre-lit cove helps to expedite initial setup, and the overhead grid is capable of wire stunts supporting up to 450 pounds. With a 50’ x 70’ green screen, Meets the Eye’s Studio A also provides plenty of space for elaborate choreography.

Scenario 3: Moving Vehicles

Another scenario where non-VFX productions can use a large pre-lit greenscreen comes from simulating moving vehicles. In these cases, Studio A’s large 12×12 loading doors allow for a vehicle to easily load onto the green screen. Filmmakers can simply shoot talent in the vehicle from a variety of angles, with moving background plates composited later in post. This saves time, money, and negates any safety concerns and logistics usually involved with vehicle shooting.

Scenario 4: Interviews/Product Shots

From industrial productions to videos to remote broadcast interviews, Meets the Eye’s pre-lit green screen offers a fast setup to get the production moving. The large green screen space even allows for multiple shooting at once; for example, during a promotional industry video, one side of the green screen can be used for product shots while the other side can be used for interviews. Because Meets the Eye is conveniently located between the South Bay and San Francisco (right off Highway 101 in San Carlos), Bay Area companies can count on it for their production needs. The Meets the Eye Studios staff understands the need for discretion in many of these circumstances, and even allows for full-building leasing to ensure privacy, as has been done by several Silicon Valley giants.

Other Features and Amenities

Meets the Eye offers many other features to help productions maximize their efforts, including quiet HVAC systems to keep sound stages comfortable, a full-service commercial kitchen, HD-SDI video feeds, full Internet access, offices and conference rooms, ample free parking, and much more, all immaculately maintained. Contact us today to take a tour and you’ll see why the Bay Area chooses Meets the Eye Studios for all of its green screen needs.