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San Francisco’s Largest Pre-Lit Cyclorama Wall

A Pre-Lit, Wire-Ready Green Screen

For filmmakers, space creates flexibility for both the talent and the crew. However, to support this, the soundstage itself has to be large enough and clear enough to provide the space that creates flexibility. When brought together, it can give talent the freedom to move and the filmmakers the freedom to get angles, close-ups, or wide shots.

At Meets the Eye Studios , we often say that we’re a studio for filmmakers, by filmmakers, and there’s no better example of that than the our large cyclorama green screen right here in San Carlos. In fact, our Studio A is the largest cyc wall of its kind in the Bay Area and tucked right between San Francisco and the South Bay.

Cyclorama Wall Features

Located in the beautiful Bay Area Peninsula, the cyclorama wall at Meets the Eye gives you a blank canvas to fulfill your production’s vision, whether it’s a commercial, film, or industrial video. The massive 50′ x 70′ greenscreen is the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit cyclorama wall and comes loaded with features designed to expedite your production:

  • A pre-lit space to handle general lighting setup — only nuancing and tweaking required.
  • Complete lighting grid 17 feet above the floor capable of loads up to 450 lbs, including wire-based stunt work.
  • 12′ x 12′ loading door capable of fitting large set pieces or ab entire gaffer’s truck.
  • Quiet HVAC system that keeps talent and crew comfortable during long shoots under hot lights.
  • Immaculate standards of cleanliness, ensuring that productions can maximize the space in and around the cyc wall.
  • Available to be repainted white at a nominal fee. Contact Meets the Eye for more information.

How Bay Area Filmmakers Have Used a GreenScreen

The Meets the Eye cyc wall has been used in a wide variety of productions, and it’s not just productions that need obvious greenscreen effects (though that is certainly part of it). For example, Don’t Give Up The Ghost by Jean-Louis Milesi had scenes taking place outdoors around the San Francisco Bay Area, including Alcatraz. To save on budget and logistical efforts (schedule, weather, permit, etc.), the team shot plates outdoors and filmed the principal actors against the cyclorama green screen.

On the other end of the spectrum, Meets the Eye helped a production called Mind City Terror utilize the cyc wall for a science-fiction action extravaganza. Noted Bay Area stuntman Tony Vella dressed up in full futuristic armor while handling numerous wire-based stunts.

In addition, Silicon Valley giants have filmed promotional material for major product launches at Meets the Eye. Its Peninsular location, easy parking, and commitment to privacy makes it an ideal location to shoot products, spokespeople, and interviews against a greenscreen.

Other Amenities & Features

The fact that Meets the Eye’s cyclorama wall represents the largest pre-lit greenscreen in the Bay Area is certainly noteworthy enough. However, we feel that it’s very important to remind filmmakers and producers that Meets the Eye has many other amenities, such as office space, a full-service kitchen with cafe seating, HD-SDI feeds and full Wi-Fi networking, and a cozy green room featuring couches and TVs. All of the spaces can be used for shooting with set dressing, and that doesn’t even include the large Studio B space (40′ x 50′ black-walled soundstage).

When combined together, we feel that Meets the Eye offers everything a production might need: it starts with the cyc wall in Studio A but goes much further than that. We invite you to see for yourself by scheduling a tour of our facility. Conveniently located between San Francisco and San Jose on the Peninsula, we’re confident that your visit will be well worth the drive.