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What’s In Your Camera Emergency Kit?

Be Prepared for any Situation

Even if we come to a photo shoot prepared, a camera emergency kit is essential. You never know when a part may break, a card may become corrupted, or you’ll need a pair of pliers. While we can’t know everything that will happen during a shoot, we can anticipate and build our camera emergency kit accordingly.

And if you happen to forget something while shooting at Meets the Eye, we won’t need to have have a difficult budget conversation. We keep extra gear and equipment on site for a low rate, so you can keep shooting. In the rare case that we don’t have it, we’ll get it for you.


1. Extra Camera & Tripod Parts

Some camera and tripod parts are small and easy to lose. One way to combat this is to start collecting various 1/4”-20 screws as you find (or buy) them. This includes hex screws and those with handles or thumb screws.

A compartmented plastic case will keep them all organized, and is slim enough to fit in your camera emergency kit while leaving room for other items.


2. Additional Charged Batteries

Even if you’re prepared with enough batteries for your photo shoot, they may not be charged or get lost during setup. Keeping a few extra batteries, along with an additional battery charger, is key and means you won’t need to stop and lose your creative spark.


3. A Multi-Tool

A multi-tool is a versatile tool every photographer needs in their camera emergency kit. This gives you a compact option for pliers, screwdriver, and multiple types of blades. Knowing that you can slip this in a side pocket gives you the peace of mind without carrying an entire tool kit to every shoot.


4. Additional Memory Cards

RAW files are significantly larger than JPEGs, which means you’ll need more memory cards for the same length of shoot. If you prepare well, you should have enough, but what if one is corrupted or another breaks? Make sure you always have an additional memory card or two in your camera emergency kit in case this happens.


5. A Jeweler’s Screwdriver Kit

Cameras have small parts, which means small tools. A jeweler’s screwdriver kit can be an indispensible addition for your camera emergency kit to reach all the tiny, hard to reach screws. And these screwdrivers won’t take up very much space in your camera emergency kit.


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6. A Tap and Die Set

A tap and die set fabricates new screw threads, and can save a piece of gear in the middle of a photo or video shoot. The results may not be perfect, but when you need to re-thread a piece of gear right now, these tools will help the shoot continue on.

Since most camera screws are 1/4”-20, you can purchase a small, affordable kit that won’t take up room in your bag.

Even seasoned photographers can forget key pieces of gear or have equipment break on them. When this happens, a camera emergency kit can keep you shooting. But if you do have a piece of gear break and you can’t fix it, we have everything you need on site. Our reasonable prices mean you won’t need to have a tough budget conversation, and in the rare case we don’t have it, we know where to find it.

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