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Why You Need to Be Using a White Wall Studio

Studio photography has a number of benefits, and using a white wall is one of them. White wall studios offer you an ideal space to shoot product photography and headshots, as well as a number of other uses.

We recently upgraded Studio B to house a permanent white wall studio. This change gives you the best space possible, instead of our previous fix of hanging a white seamless.

With an immaculate space and 12’x12’ loading doors in Studio B, you’re able to walk into Meets the Eye Studios, load in any necessary set pieces, and move forward with your shoot. Because of this white wall studio, the limitless white is more accessible than you may believe.

What is a White Wall Studio?

A white wall studio is a stark white space that, when lit and shot well, offers a feeling of infinite space. Lighting differences with a white wall studio can create very different looks, making a this a very useful tool.

If lit one way, you can achieve the limitless space that’s ideal for product photography. If you’re looking for a different look, it’s possible to light and shoot a white wall differently to achieve a grey background, as well as intentionally using shadows.

How Do You Use a White Wall Studio?

There are a number of different uses for a white background, as they are a versatile piece of the studio. The lack of edges can help create a final result that won’t distract the viewer from your subject be it talent, product or both.

When using a white wall for a commercial shoot, you can position and light the talent in what appears to be infinite space. This minimalist look can be kept as is, or you can add design to the foreground or background later.

Lighting an infinite space can seem daunting, but it’s a skill that can definitely be learned. When the lighting is correctly set, the background will melt away and the talent will be evenly lit with a high contrast to the background.

Why Would You Want to Use a White Wall Studio?

As mentioned above, a white wall studio is ideal for circumstances where you want a clean background. These “infinite” backgrounds are often used in product photography, headshots, and editorial photography. They’re ideal for this because the subject is the focus, rather than unnecessary corners or complicated backgrounds.

When lit well, you can create an ideal solution for your photography, and with keying you’ll be able to avoid post-processing, saving you money. White doesn’t need to be boring. It can be a blank canvas to share your artistry.

Shooting in a white wall studio gives you versatility, and its clean look can help diversify your photography skills. Whether you have a product shoot or are looking for a way to create unique fashion images, a white wall studio is the ideal choice.

And we offer more than our large white wall studio. Our amenities, from the commercial kitchen to private offices to ample free parking, offer your team and your client an immaculate and well appointed space to create your next project.

Come and visit us today; we’re just a 30-minute drive down Highway 101 from San Francisco.