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Using Videos and Photos to Promote Your Product

Promoting your product with videos and photos is a critical piece to its success. Using this visual medium can help you create a promotional strategy that will increase your exposure. However, it can be a challenge to promote a product in the noisy environment we’re in today.

Instead of relying on stock images or website copy (though these can certainly help), investing in a teaser video or product photography can elevate your product.

Why Product Videos Are Important

Product videos showcase your company’s personality. If your brand is quirky and fun, your product video is going to look different than a company with a serious tone.

As marketer Meghan Keaney Anderson describes, a product video is a chance to share why your potential customers should choose you over your competitor.

“… If you want your video to resonate, it should be about more than just the product. It should be about the problem, the solution, the experience, and the larger vision of what you’re trying to build.

Considering the right video can put a product on the map for the first time or reinvigorate a company that has long been stale, it’s important that marketers have a strong grasp on this. So to inspire your own efforts, we’ve collected a list of impressive product videos for marketing a product or new release.”

This is an opportunity to share your story in a vibrant medium to bring attention to your product. But what is the best way to create it?

There are three different ways to visually promote your product:

  •       Teaser videos
  •       Example videos
  •       Product photography

Product Videos Give Your Fans a Teaser

Product videos are a great way to share a teaser to build excitement with your customers. As a brand, you want loyal customers that will come to you before going elsewhere. They are anxiously waiting for your new product, and these teaser videos are an ideal way to do this.

Music videos are a different type of teaser video that you can shoot. As a musician, music is the product. A music video can act as a teaser for a new album, and is an excellent way to increase exposure before (and after) the album is released.

You can also produce a teaser video for a physical product. The goal is to share enough to entice your viewers, but not share enough to ruin the surprise. This is your chance to show your personality. If your brand thrives on being slightly-irreverent and weird, this is the time to use it.

Product Videos Provide a Hands-On Example

Sharing a product video gives your potential customers a hands-on example, without them going to a store. This is particularly useful for online-only retailers, where it can be hard to showcase your product in use before customers place an order.

A hands-on product video can take a few different forms.

  •       Educational
  •       Testimonials
  •       Unboxing videos
  •       Advertisement

Educational Product Videos

The best products solve a problem. When creating a hands-on educational video, you can share how your product solves that problem, as well as your story.

Share Your Problem Solving

These educational videos can be a longer, in depth look at your product and how it saves customers time, money, and frustration. By focusing on the “why” that you began with, you can tell a story that will make your product irresistible to customers.

Pied Parker App produced this educational product video in our South Bay rental studio to share how their service works.

This video could have been produced on a street, but that would have added a number of variables to the shoot that would be harder to control. Instead, Pied Parker chose to use our white wall studio and add animation later to illustrate the concept.

This creative use of studio space produced a unique, story-driven video that shares how the app can solve a problem for two parties: those with extra parking, and those looking for parking.

Share Your Company’s Story

An “About” page is a necessary page on your website, but have you considered making it more engaging? Creating a video that shares your story can help you win customers.

This is helpful for non-profit companies that are serving others. By showing viewers the problem and how you’re creating a solution, you can produce an engaging piece of content.

These educational product videos are also an opportunity to interview different members of your team and their experience developing your product. By bringing your team together in this video, you can create a sense of community and introduce your customers to the team that is answering their calls and producing their product.

While it’s important to focus on your customers, at times it’s important to remember to humanize yourself. Educational videos like this gives you the time to do so, creating a stronger bond with your customers.

Testimonial Product Videos

Product testimonials are a valuable way to use video to promote your product. If your product is intangible, these first-hand accounts can minimize buyers’ hesitation. These testimonials share examples of how they use their product in daily life.

There are a few different ways to use testimonial videos. If you have the opportunity to interview multiple customers, then you can create a compilation video sharing a piece of each customer’s experience. Or, you can choose to make it an in depth testimonial video and focus on one customer and their experiences before and after purchasing your product.

We use product videos to share how our rental studio helps filmmakers and directors efficiently create their films. Instead of us sharing how we can serve a client’s needs, our clients are doing it for us and in their own voice.

Testimonial product videos will promote your product, but without you doing the talking. By letting happy customers talk about how you make their lives easier, you can create engaging videos that help share your story.

Unboxing Product Videos

Unboxing videos are an ideal choice for physical products. People are purchasing more than just the product. Showing them how it’s packaged, the accessories, and how to set up your product for the first time offers your customers valuable insight into your product.

For a camera, you can share how the body and the lens are packaged, as well as batteries, cables, and other parts. For a household appliance, you can share how to hook it up to the home’s connections and changing the default settings.

Advertisement Product Videos

Advertisement product videos are just that, an advertisement for your product. These can be used in the traditional way by purchasing TV spots, or you can use it throughout social media. Social media advertising can be incredibly efficient and advantageous, even with a smaller budget.

In a way these are all advertising videos, but some may be primarily for your website (like testimonials). You can, though, adapt these product videos for advertising purposes to share your product with more potential customers.

You can take an education, testimonial, or unboxing video and place it within a Facebook or Instagram ad with a call to action. This is more engaging and can be more effective than just ad copy.

Find an idea you think may work, and see where you can go with it. There are no strict rules for product videos!

Product Photography Highlights Its Potential

Quality photography is crucial to increasing your sales. When a product is photographed well, it will not only be a high quality image, but it will also highlight specific details.

While a white wall studio can be a great place to shoot your product photography, you can also bring in props and create a set that showcases your product in its natural environment.

As the maker movement continues to grow, taking photos in a spare room is no longer a viable option. Beautiful products need beautiful photography to show off the details that will sell it. Before listing an item on Etsy or another e-commerce website, take the time to shoot some high quality product images that will help your item sell.

Sharing your product’s value is more than creating a website. While a website is important, a product video is a dynamic way to share your product and engage with your audience. Product videos can be a teaser, educational, and a hands-on view. And as more makers open businesses to sell their products online, there is a growing need for high-quality photography.

At Meets The Eye Studios, we can provide the space you need to shoot product videos or photos. Our South Bay rental studio has the technical requirements and additional amenities you need in a studio, while remaining close to the Bay Area.

If you’re interested in scheduling your next product shoot at Meets The Eye, give Austin Heppler, our Stage Manager a call at (650) 508-8801.