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Keeping the Show Going: Business Amenities at Meets the Eye Studios

The show must go on — that age-old axiom is a fact of life, both in business and filmmaking. In the digital age, doing so requires office space and connectivity to work via smartphones, laptops, tablets, and other devices. Meets the Eye Studios was built with this in mind, and because of that, clients get much more than the facility’s two state-of-the-art sound stages.  When you work with Meets the Eye Studios, you’ll have all the business amenities you need to oversee a production, handle additional tasks, or keep talent and crew connected so that the work never stops.

In addition to its sound stages, the Meets the Eye Studios facility has a number of offices and a large conference room alongside its green room and kitchen. These spaces provide privacy and a networked work environment featuring fast Internet access via wired or wireless connectivity, allowing anyone to continue working during production. In the case of industrial shoots, anyone brought in for on-camera interviews (CEOs and other company staff) can maximize their productivity while at Meets the Eye Studios. Live video feeds via digital video ports are available throughout the facility for anyone wanting to monitor production. Other business amenities include access to printers and a wall-to-wall white board in the conference room.

Stay In Touch and Out of the Way

These features also provide further ways to expedite film production. Casting directors are welcome to utilize the office or conference space for readings, and with Internet connectivity and digital video feeds, these readings can be monitored from elsewhere in the building. Offices and all amenities — printers, wifi, etc. — can be used by crew members for last-minute script rewrites, downloading and printing paperwork, or conference calls with off-site members of the production team. For talent looking to unwind between shooting, the office space offers quiet and privacy for taking phone calls, checking email, reading scripts, or simply taking a moment to themselves.

Whether it’s the CEO of a major company coming in for an industrial production or the cast from a small independent film, Meets the Eye Studios’ additional office space and amenities provide practical means for staying connected during a busy shoot. Printing, wifi, digital video feeds, and office space ensure that personal productivity runs as smoothly as the ongoing production. For CEOs and crew members alike, the show must go on, and Meets the Eye Studios ensures that the business side of production is as efficient as the actual shoot.