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Cooking Up Success in the Kitchen and Cafe

A Film Studio with a Top Chef Kitchen

Producers need to do many things to keep talent and crew happy, motivated and on-task, and there’s one big way Meets the Eye Studios can shoulder some of that: a full-service, commercial-ready kitchen. Spacious and immaculate with many options for food preparation, the kitchen space in Meets the Eye Studios’ second floor allows for large-scale catering or simply a quiet place to heat up meals for a small group. As Meets the Eye is also rented out to host events, the kitchen space is ideal for event planners to coordinate with their catering vendor.

When hiring external caterers, storage, cooking, and preparation are all easily handled in the Meets the Eye Studios kitchen thanks to state-of-the-art commercial appliances and a complete set of tools and utensils. Customers have access to:

  • Cooking: LG Studio Series cooktop (five gas burners) and oven (convection bake, convection roast, and warming feature), warming toaster oven, Frigidaire Professional microwave
  • Storage: Large-volume storage with an M3 Turbo Air commercial refrigerator to keep food, drinks, and condiments cold
  • Prep work: Abundant work space featuring an ample stainless steel work top and large butcher block, as well as basic kitchen tools, cutting boards, and utensils (knives, spatulas, garlic press, etc.)
  • Beverages: Glassware, serving carafes, and a Bunn commercial coffee maker with dual carafes

With this level of flexibility, caterers can choose how they want to approach food prep. They can bring ingredients and materials and plan to cook using the Meets the Eye Studios’ kitchen or they can use the Meets the Eye Studios’ appliances to finish the job and complete the final steps. Once things are ready to serve, Meets the Eye Studios provides serving bowls (small, medium, and large) along with stoneware for up to 20 people. Ample service space is available in both the kitchen and dining area for buffet-style setups, including counter space for buffet food warmers if needed.

This can work on a much smaller scale too — no caterer necessary. Talent, crew, and staff are welcome to bring their own food with full usage of tools and utensils, along with the oven, stove, and microwave. From short shoots with a small crew to larger all-day productions that need contracted catering, Meets the Eye Studios provides the flexibility to let producers decide what will work best for their team.

Once the food is prepared and served, Meets the Eye Studios offers several options for dining. Just having a cup of coffee or a snack in between tasks? Relaxed seating is available with sofas and recliners in the green room or the cafe area’s table space. For larger groups eating bigger meals, the cafe area can accommodate both small-group seating and family-style seating.

From the kitchen to the cafe and green room, preparing, serving, and enjoying a meal is part of the Meets the Eye Studios’ experience. The extensive facilities enable producers and event planners greater flexibility when reviewing food options, and the spacious dining areas allow talent and crew a comfortable moment’s break before getting back to work. In the end, this helps the whole team stay fed and comfortable, which leads to better focus and motivation as everyone pulls towards the finish line.