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Why Gaffers Prefer Meets The Eye Studios

Gaffer Luke Seerveld Explains

At Meets the Eye Studios, our goal is to put productions in a position to succeed. From providing spacious and flexible shooting spaces to many amenities that support production teams, Meets the Eye Studios offers numerous ways to make a production smoother.This is particularly important for gaffers, who can often be the unsung hero in getting productions up and running.

Bay Area gaffer Luke Seerveld has worked at Meets the Eye Studios for a variety of productions. Seerveld appreciates the many little things Meets the Eye offers to make his day easier.  “As a local San Francisco Bay Area gaffer, where we have a lot of small stages and a lot of non-sound stages, it’s great to work at Meets The Eye,” he says. Here’s a closer look as to why…

Easy Loading & Setup

We often say that Meets the Eye Studios was designed by filmmakers, for filmmakers, and that means that all aspects of the production process were considered when crafting the specifications and dimensions of the facility. Studio A and Studio B both feature large loading doors (12’x12’) so a gaffer can bring an entire truck into the space. Gear is available to rent from Meets the Eye, but since many gaffers prefer their own tried-and-true equipment, the loading capabilities of Meets the Eye allow for maximum flexibility.

“As a gaffer with a truck and gear, I appreciate the fact that I can drive up to the back door of the MTE stage, roll in equipment carts, and be ready to go in no time,” says Seerveld. “Sometimes it’s a plus to have all the gear already at a stage, but for an owner/operator it’s nice to work with your own familiar gear.“

Pre-Lit Sound Stages

Time is money in any production. But in the gaffer’s world, setting up and tweaking lighting puts the proverbial spotlight on them — while a production has many moving parts, getting the lighting ready can put things on hold. At Meets the Eye Studios, both of the large soundstages come pre-lit to expedite this process and get things moving. This often creates the foundation of the lighting setup without any effort, so gaffers can focus solely on fine-tuning it to get things exactly right.

“As a gaffer with a two-ton grip truck, it’s nice to show up at Meets The Eye and already have the space lights hung,” says Seerveld. “Space light configurations can require finessing, which is certainly possible at this stage as well, but I’ve found that the pre-hung units are usually fine for a base light and can be augmented easily with units on the ground. This is a time and cost savings that I appreciate, even if they are units I’m not renting.”

Immaculate Standards

One of the worst things for a gaffer to experience is dealing with someone else’s mess at the start of the day. This can mean anything from leftover set pieces taking up soundstage space or general debris from a previous production. Not only does this take time and effort to possibly move, it can also create a number of limitations regarding how a gaffer gets set up. At Meets the Eye Studios, we pride ourselves on keeping soundstages (and the whole facility) clean and clear. For gaffers, it means they can start their workday without any obstacles.

“Marshall (the owner of Meets the Eye) keeps the stage clear of old set pieces and the debris of previous shoots,” says Seerveld. “As someone who has to move in a fair amount of gear each time I work there, this is very much appreciated. Film crews take up a lot of space, so having all the available space actually available is a blessing.”

The Gaffer’s Choice

Supporting a gaffer is one of the easiest ways to keep productions as smooth and efficient as possible. Meets the Eye offers features to help each step of the way: large loading docks, pre-lit soundstages, HD-SDI live feeds, additional rental gear, and much more. Contact Meets the Eye today to schedule a tour of the entire facility. Whether you’re a gaffer or a producer, you’ll quickly see why Meets the Eye is the choice for many gaffers across the Bay Area and beyond.