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How Does a Pre-Lit Green Screen Saves You Time & Money

San Francisco Bay Area Studio Maximizes Production Efficiency

For filmmakers shooting in the San Francisco Bay Area, consider choosing a pre-lit green screen — specifically Meets the Eye Studios in San Carlos. Here’s why:

Pre-Lit Green Screen

One of the biggest setup issues for any production is the initial lighting. A pre-lit studio takes care of most of the heavy lifting by providing the foundational lighting already fine-tune to the specifics of the space. This leaves only production-specific tweaks and lighting details, getting most of the setup complete before even setting foot in the studio.

“I’ve found that the pre-hung units are usually fine for a base light and can be augmented easily with units on the ground,” says gaffer Luke Serveeld. “This is a time and cost savings that I appreciate, even if they are units I’m not renting.”

Faster Scheduling

Location shooting means all of legal logistics. This gets even more complicated when trying to shoot on an area with heavy foot traffic such as a tourist spot. The alternative is employing a green screen for principle photography while using location plates as a background for compositing later on in post-production. Here’s what one Meets the Eye client did just that to save time and money.

“I wanted to shoot on Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge, but I realized that it was impossible to do without money,” said filmmaker Jean-Louise Milesi. Milesi used Meets the Eye for his film “Don’t Give Up The Ghost.” “I never shot on a green screen before. The team here helped me understand how to make it possible.”

Easier Logistics

Shooting on location isn’t just a hassle for paperwork purposes. There’s still a cast and crew that need to be there, so things such as timing, travel, weather, and other unfortunate realities have to be dealt with. Shooting these scenes on a green screen with post-production compositing ensures a controlled environment, one not hindered by daylight or transportation costs, all while offering a much more flexible schedule.

Faster Post-Production

The green screen was meant for post-production. By shooting on a green screen, post-production becomes an easier, more flexible experience where tiny details can be fine tuned in the editing suite. This is even more so if you use a large green cyc wall like in Meets the Eye’s Studio A; a pre-lit and permanent setup like that ensures that many variables are ready to go by default — something that’s not necessarily true of a simple green backdrop.

A Pre-Lit Green Screen For The San Francisco Bay Area

Centrally located in San Carlos, Meets the Eye Studios is convenient for all Bay Area productions within easy driving distance of SFO, SJC, and OAK. In addition to the pre-lit green screen, Meets the Eye Studios has large white wall studio, commercial quality kitchen, and many other features. Schedule a free tour today and experience Meets the Eye’s immaculately kept facility for yourse