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San Carlos Video Studio For Corporate Productions

Shoot Training Videos At A Video Production Studio In San Carlos

San Carlos is the ideal location for many Bay Area companies to shoot their corporate training videos: its central location is nearly equidistant to all three major Bay Area airports, making it easily accessible for Silicon Valley tech giants, San Francisco startups, and the burgeoning East Bay community. But what happens after you get on Highway 101 and get to San Carlos?

As a marketing department or production company, you have options up and down the peninsula. To help identify the priorities for your project, let’s take a look at the individual steps behind the production of a corporate training video:

Step 1: Find Your Locations

For a corporate training video, chances are you’ll ideally want two locations. The first is a talking-head style, shot against either a white background or a green screen depending on how you want to composite supporting graphics for it. The second is a real-world scenario, preferably in a set that passes for a corporate office or conference room. Of course, this can always be shot in your actual office, though then you will have to worry about other variables (lighting, ambient sound, etc.), so an actual office set may be the more pragmatic solution.

Step 2: Prep Your Shots

Once you know where you’re going to shoot, you’ll need to do the usual prep work: lighting. cameras, lenses, sound, etc. A pre-lit grid makes lighting setup go faster, as does a facility with usable equipment (additional lenses, cables, etc.)

Step 3: Bring In Actors, Interviewees, & Models

For a corporate training video, there’s a good chance that you’ll have a mix of actual staff and models/actors. All of the talent will need a green room space to relax while not shooting. However, if you’ve got actual staff members coming for the shoot, they will also want wi-fi access and perhaps even private office space complete with printers. That will ensure that they don’t fall behind on their tasks and messages while at the shoot.

Step 4: Allow For Monitoring

Depending on the nature of the corporate training video, executives or other VIPs may want to monitor the filming or review edits. In those cases, they may also want discretion regarding their presence. To accommodate this, a facility needs to provide private office space and HD-SDI feeds for real-time monitoring.


Also: Don’t Forget The Food

Cast and crew for any shoot need to be fed. A facility with large loading doors and a commercial-quality kitchen means that you have complete flexibility when it comes to choosing food options — go to a local restaurant, have catering come in, or even bring a food truck to the parking lot.

Meets the Eye Studios in San Carlos

Located right off Highway 101 in San Carlos, Meets the Eye Studios is one of the Bay Area’s top video production studios. Featuring two large soundstages (one with a pre-lit green cyc wall and one with sound-enhanced white wall), Meets the Eye Studios is the ideal choice for corporate training videos thanks to its many amenities, including office space, commercial-quality kitchen, wi-fi, HD-SDI feeds, and much more. Discover all that Meets the Eye Studios has to offer by scheduling your free facility tour today.