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Studio B’s New Look: San Francisco Commercial Video Studio for Rent

San Francisco Commercial Video Studio for Rent

Since we opened our San Carlos facility, Meets the Eye Studios has had two large sound stages: Studio A, with one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screens, and Studio B, a large black-walled sound stage. In recent months, however, one of those has changed due to popular demand.

We’ve always offered to paint the cyclorama wall in Studio A as a service. For a fee, the green screen could be adapted into a white background, and this has been a regular request over the past few years. To better accommodate this, we decided to convert Studio B from all black walls to three black walls and one newly painted white wall and white floor. This allows us to offer both a white-wall studio and a green screen cyclorama at the same time, without the need for conversion.

The Benefits of a White-Walled Studio Space

Commercial-quality setup: Many commercial products and spokespeople — whether filmed or photographed — use a white background for clean image control. The white wall ensures that the environment can be used nearly as-is with minimal setup.

Better lighting control: Black walls are absolute; they absorb light. A white wall in a large space allow for greater flexibility in both the way light bounces and is absorbed. Lighting can be nuanced through tweaks as simple as background draping, or lighting professionals can use the space’s natural qualities to create a very specific look and feel.

Anecdotally, we’ve also heard that people find the brighter environment to be more welcoming and warmer. While the quality of the shot (video or photography) is always the priority, there’s certainly something to be said for a work environment that feels more engaging over a long period.

Of course, you’ll still get what you expect from Meets the Eye and Studio B: large 12’x12’ loading doors and a stunt-ready lighting grid, all in an acoustically prepared space featuring 17-foot ceilings. On top of Studio B’s specifications, you’ll also get access to all of the usual Meets the Eye amenities, such as our library of rental equipment and available extra gear, our referral network of local professionals, and access to our commercial-quality kitchen.

We’re excited about our new white-walled space at Studio B, and we think you’ll love it too. Find out for yourself by scheduling a free tour of our entire facility, from Studio B’s new look to the large pre-lit green screen in Studio A to our immaculate commercial-quality kitchen. Centrally located in San Carlos, Meets the Eye is an easy drive from any Bay Area location, so contact us today and book your tour!