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The Choice For Commercial & Industrial Productions

Commercial Video Studios in SanFrancisco Bay Area

Commercial and industrial productions are a significant part of the Bay Area filmmaking community. Whether for an internal instructional/training video or a product launch commercial, these productions have the same logistical needs as an independent film.However, because they work within the corporate sector, discretion also often has to factor in to protect intellectual property.

Meets the Eye Studios was designed to support all of this for industrial/commercial productions. In addition to our cutting-edge facilities and experienced staff, Meets the Eye Studios remains committed to delivering any and all security/discretion needs for productions.

Filming Options

Meets the Eye’s two large sound stages provide all of the flexibility needed to shoot commercials and industrial productions. Both come pre-lit and include a quiet HVAC system to keep cast and crew comfortable, even during long shoots. Studio A features a one of the Bay Area’s largest greenscreen coves to maximize the director’s options for bringing a commercial concept to life or simply for providing background options on interview shots.Studio B is large enough to handle parallel smaller shoots using backdrops or sets; its black walls are a blank canvas giving you many options for set dressing.


Meets the Eye’s team comes from the filmmaking world, and that experience translates into knowing what productions need in terms of equipment. From additional lighting to camera lenses to extra cables, Meets the Eye Studios provides access to a variety of supplementary equipment (some at a nominal rental fee). This allows productions to keep resources in one location, minimizing logistics and additional travel time.

Cost Certainty

Producers are always worried about time and budget. For the latter issue, Meets the Eye provides straightforward rates with no hidden fees, allowing producers to know exactly how to budget for facility and additional equipment rentals. This no-surprises pricing is a significant part of Meets the Eye’s commitment of being the Bay Area’s studio for filmmakers, by filmmakers.

Whole-Facility Leasing

For secretive product launches,  milestone announcements, or other events that require discretion, Meets the Eye Studios is willing to accommodate across the entire facility. In extreme cases where companies must protect their IP from public knowledge prior to a big reveal, Meets the Eye goes above and beyond to ensure that privacy and discretion are absolutely protected — including changing locks and taking standard Meets the Eye Studios office work off site as needed. In these cases, the entire facility — from sound stages to kitchens — can be leased to ensure the utmost the utmost security.

Casting Discretion

In situations where the focus is discretion, Meets the Eye’s office space provide more than satellite workspaces. Casting directors can use the soundstages, large conference room, or individual offices for auditions, and with HD-SDI live feeds across the facility, executives and other key stakeholders can monitor the process while maintaining privacy and security.

Everything Under One Roof

For commercial and industrial productions looking for the right balance of filmmaking amenities and discretionary commitment, Meets the Eye Studios offers an all-in-one solution. Contact us today to tour the facility and see for yourself why Meets the Eye Studios is the studio of choice for the biggest names in Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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