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The Perfect Choice For Out-Of-Town Productions

All-In-One Facility For Productions Of All Sizes

When out-of-town producers start looking for resources in the Bay Area, they may wind up with long lists of potential soundstages, crew members, equipment rental, and other needs — all from San Francisco to San Jose. But what if they could have it all in a single location — a location with state-of-the-art technology and an immaculate facility?

That’s exactly what Meets the Eye Studios delivers for out-of-town productions. From spacious filming options to its convenient location in the heart of the Bay Area, here’s why we’re sure that Meets the Eye is the perfect choice for visiting productions:

All Under One Roof

Out-of-town productions are a giant collection of moving parts, from coordinating with cast and crew to understanding local permit rules to finding the right equipment at the right price. All of this creates a delicate balancing act for producers, who have even more on their already full plate than if they worked locally. Meets the Eye is not just a shooting space, it can act as the central hub for your production. With numerous offices and a large conference room — all connected via an HD-SDI video network along with printers and wireless/wired Internet access — all of the pre-shoot logistics can be handled at Meets the Eye. Storyboard meetings, script rewrites, casting, budget review, and more — whether meetings are in person, on conference calls, or over Skype, Meets the Eye Studios has the capabilities to support it. In fact, from the very first steps to the final day of shooting, all of it can take place under one roof.

Convenient Location

Meets the Eye Studios is conveniently located just south of SFO and within easy driving distance of SJC and OAK. For out-of-town cast and crew, our facility is also nearly equal distance from San Francisco (to the north), San Jose (to the south), and Oakland (across the San Mateo Bridge). This means that wherever you’re coming in from, wherever you’re staying, and wherever you’re going after the day finishes, Meets the Eye is an easy central location sure to fulfill the needs of everyone on the production team.

The Best Local Talent

We often say that Meets the Eye Studios was designed for filmmakers, by filmmakers. The latter part is important because it lets out-of-town producers know that they’re in good hands with deep knowledge of local talent pool. Because of the staff’s own experience with filmmaking, we offer a wide network of contacts and references for all types of talent: gaffers, camera crew, casting directors, stunt coordinators, etc. The Meets the Eye team can act as in-house support for an out-of-town production, enabling them to focus on the tasks at hand while providing a safety net of resources and knowledge to streamline the entire process.

Designed To Impress

When producers need to impress stakeholders, Meets the Eye is more than up to the task. From the commercial-quality kitchen to the immaculate sound stages, to the clean and modern aesthetic, Meets the Eye Studios is sure to leave a lasting impression on clients, partners, and others critically invested in the production.

Schedule A Tour Today

We invite out-of-town producers to view virtual tours of Studio A (with greenscreen cove) and Studio B right from your desk or smartphone. However, the best way to truly see all that Meets the Eye has to offer is to come by for an in-person tour. With 24/7 access, we can accommodate the pressing schedules of the busiest producers traveling to scout options across the Bay Area. Get in touch today to schedule a tour — we’re confident that you’ll find everything you need here and much more.