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Everything A Producer Could Want In A Studio

Simplifying a Producer’s Life

Schedules, budgets, permits…a producer’s work is never done. However, when producers choose to work with Meets the Eye Studios, they’ll find a wide a range of options and benefits to make their job easier. With our prime location and easy airport access, schedules become easier to coordinate. With our no-surprises rates and prices, budgets are simpler to set. With everything a producer could need under one roof, city and location permit worries become a thing of the past.

In short, a producer’s work may never be done, but there are things that can help out.


If you can’t get your cast and crew to the shoot, then you’ll never get off the ground. Fortunately, Meets the Eye offers many benefits that minimize location logistics to ensure a smooth process that lets everyone focus on their craft. Conveniently located halfway between San Francisco and San Jose, Meets the Eye Studios is easily accessible from the Bay Area’s major airports (SFO, SFC, and OAK). As everything takes place in-house, there’s no need to worry about location permits, and Studio A’s immense pre-lit greenscreen opens the door to any shooting locations you can image. All of this comes with 24/7 access, so you can plan your schedule around what makes the most sense for your production.

Shooting Options

Meets the Eye features two of the Bay Area’s largest soundstages. Studio A is a 50’x70’ space a pre-lit 23’x53’ greenscreen. Studio B is a 40’x50’ black-walled space. Both soundstages come with grids capable of wire work and additional lighting. In addition, they feature a state-of-the-art HVAC system that runs quietly to keep cast and crew comfortable during production. Productions are welcome to dress up our offices, conference rooms, and any other part of the facility to utilize as a shooting option.


Crew Amenities

Producers can feel confident that their crew will have everything they need to efficiently get the job done. Both soundstages feature wide loading doors — large enough to bring an entire gaffer truck in. The various offices and conference rooms in the two-story facility have printers and are networked with both wired and wireless Internet access, along with HD-SDI video feeds. A commercial-class kitchen means that producers can take call on a range of catering options, and all cast/crew members have access to both front and back facility parking.

Additional Resources

Meets the Eye was founded on the principle that it would be a studio for filmmakers, by filmmakers. Every aspect was conceived to follow this, from the immaculate sound stages to the additional resources made available for clients. Producers have on-demand access to additional gear, from camera lenses to lighting equipment. If you need a recommendation on local professionals, our experienced Meets the Eye staff has a large network of references available. Furthermore, many of the Meets the Eye staff have experience working on a range of productions, so producers can tap into the in-house support team’s skills as needed when in a pinch.


Anything Else You Might Need

We invite producers to get in touch with us early on in their project. Not only can we kick things off with a tour of our facility, we want to hear about any special equipment, facility, or shooting requirements you might need. With our wealth of filmmaking experience, we’re sure we can deliver — and if not us, then someone in our large network of Bay Area resources will come through for you as well.