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4 Apps to Improve Your Movie Viewing Experience

Technology For Maximizing Movie Fun

At Meets the Eye Studios, we’re for a facility that’s for filmmakers, by filmmakers. So to say that we’re movie buffs is an understatement — and when combined with our love of technology, there are some pretty interesting apps to enhance the moviegoing experience. If you love movies like us, there are thousands of apps in the Apple Store, on Google Play and in other places to help improve your movie viewing experience. Here’s a list of our favorite movie apps available to help make movie-watching even more enjoyable.


#1: JustWatch (Android / iOS)

Tired of having to comb the Internet to stream a specific movie or show? JustWatch solves that problem by sorting through a number of streaming services for you. It tells you where your movie or TV show is streaming, whether it’s available for free, and how much it costs if it isn’t. The interface is intuitive and easy to use, there’s a filtering option that lets you choose which providers to search, and it shows you multiple options for streaming.
We give this app 4 Eyes.


#2: IMDb (Android / iOS)

This app is great for people who like to get their movie experience out of the house. It helps users find showtimes in their area, provides movie reviews, and offers personalized recommendations based on the user’s preferences. It’s also available in several different languages, a plus for bilingual and multilingual movie lovers.
We give this app 4 Eyes.


#3: Solyaris (iOS)

Ever find yourself caught in a Wikipedia rabbit hole after a particularly good movie, looking up the backstory on the actors and director? Solyaris enables that habit. It feeds data about actors and directors into a dynamic, visual format, so you can get information about their careers and connections at a touch/glance. You can also get filmography and biography information, watch movie trailers, check out Wikipedia articles, and browse IMDb.
We give this app 4.5 Eyes.


#4: TodoMovies 4 (iOS)

This app seems simple—it’s just a to-watch list for your movies. Users can keep lists of movies they want to watch and what they’ve already seen. The app also gives you ideas for new movies to watch, and generates its own lists—the best of every genre, best movies starring particular actors, or even more specific lists such as Best 20 Survival Movies in Remote Areas, for instance. This is not a “vanilla” movie app. TodoMovies 4’s relationship with TMDb, a film database that focuses heavily on independent and European film, offers the viewer content outside of the IMDb mainstream.
We give this app 5 Eyes.

If you love movies, there are a wealth of apps out there that can enhance your viewing experience. And if you’re a filmmaker as well as a movie lover, then check out Meets the Eye Studios. We offer some of the largest shooting space in the Bay Area, a pre-lit green screen, fully wire-ready facilities for stunt work, ample free parking, and more. Get in touch to schedule a tour today or visit us virtually any time.