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Where to Shoot Product Photos in the South Bay Area

Tips For Professional-Looking Product Photos

Clean white product photos are a staple of Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. In fact, these are such a part of Amazon’s catalog that they filed a patent for that look(don’t worry photographers, pretty much everyone recognized how ridiculous that was). For everyone that’s not Amazon, websites like Etsy and Shopify have transformed what it means to be a store owner. It’s now possible to make an income selling anything you want—from handcrafted sweaters and jewelry to artwork, books, and furniture—to anyone in the world. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Catch the Consumer’s Eye with Photos

If you want to make real money on sites like Etsy or Shopify, it’s not enough for your product to be well-made and have great reviews. It also needs an eye-catching photo—often more than one. Amazon and professional eBay vendors have raised customer expectations of product photography. And the sheer amount of competition on these sites means that you need product photos that catch the customer’s eye on a crowded screen.

On these websites, a good picture is worth far more than a thousand words. It could bring in thousands of dollars—but only if it’s done right. Most of the time, sellers need a number of product photos, both highlighting the craftsmanship and showing how the product is used or worn in daily life.

Elements of a Great Product Photo

There are hundreds of “lifestyle” cues in photos like these that cause your target audience to identify with the picture—and when that happens, they’re much more likely to buy. Ideally, lighting, staging, modeling, and styling will all work together to produce a photo that grabs your audience’s attention, introduces them to the product, and ultimately converts them into a paying customer.

Where South Bay Shop Owners Take Product Photos

The good news is that if you’re an Etsy or Shopify shop owner in the South Bay, you don’t have to travel far to find a professional studio that provides the perfect setting for product glamour shots. Meets the Eye Studios is conveniently located in San Carlos—halfway between San Francisco and the South Bay area; just a 30-minute drive on Highway 101 in either direction.

Meets the Eye offers one of the largest shooting spaces in the Bay Area—and all the amenities you need for a successful shoot. The immaculate facility includes two spacious studios, a green screen and a pre-lit soundstage, and a white wall for high-contrast commercial photography. Meets the Eye is also loaded with a broad range of lighting equipment to suit every need, and 12×12 loading doors to accommodate larger products or sets. No matter the size of your product, we’ve got the space to photograph it effectively.

Don’t Have the Right Equipment

Don’t let that stop you from shooting amazing images of your products for your online store. The experts at Meets The Eye Studios can share with you what equipment would work best to capture that perfect photo. In fact, there’s a good chance we have the equipment you need in our rental gear inventory.

Meet the Eye Studios has everything you need to shoot product photos that sell. Book a free tour of our studios today—and let us show you in person.