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Wirework Studio In South Bay / Peninsula With Green Screen

San Carlos Studio Offers Pre-Lit Green Screen Wire-Ready Grid

Doing stunt work on a production in the South Bay or Peninsula? Chances are you’ll need a studio with wirework capabilities to give it that extra push over the top. And if you’re using wirework, you’ll want to utilize a green screen to ensure easy post-production. You’re in luck, because Meets the Eye Studios in San Carlos provides both of those, along with a host of other features.

Why Is Green Screen So Important For Wirework?

Wirework existed in a time before green screens and it was expensive. Today, cost effective modern digital production techniques open up a creative new world for all types of productions. Originally developed by Eastern filmmakers for  martial-arts films, early wirework was done without the aid of post-production, meaning that a lot of the visual trickery done to minimize visibility of wires had to be cleverly conceived and executed.

Today, digital effects have maximized the possibilities of wirework by simply removing the wires from the shot. With a green screen environment and digital post-production techniques, even independent films can utilize wirework without breaking their budget. Wirework is now a viable stunt method for nearly any situation.

Logistically, wirework is fairly simple: stunt performers wear a harness underneath their costumes, with cables or pulleys attached. A lighting grid capable of safely handling the load of several humans in extreme movements is necessary. With that setup, the success of the wirework often simply comes down to the imagination of the creative team and stunt performer.

Shoot Your Wirework Production At Meets the Eye Studios In San Carlos

Meets the Eye Studios offers the unique combination of a large pre-lit green screen with a lighting grid capable of wirework. The spacious setup enables productions and stunt coordinators to focus on choreography and creativity without being limited by space. Our immaculate San Carlos facility also provides many amenities to make everyone involved more comfortable, including a commercial quality kitchen,  office and conference space, a comfortable green room and lounges, a shower, and free parking. With HD-SDI video feeds, producers, clients and other key stakeholders can watch stunt work safely from spaces all over the two-story facility.

Meets the Eye Studios is trusted by the Bay Area film community’s premiere stunt performers, such as Tony Vella. Find out why by scheduling a free in-person tour of our South Bay/Peninsula facility. In addition to wirework capabilities, Meets the Eye’s numerous amenities and features clearly demonstrate why so many filmmakers choose Meets the Eye for their productions.