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Why Use A Commercial Video Studio in the South Bay

Create High-Quality Commercials in a Video Studio

You’ve probably seen local business commercials that chose NOT to use a video studio. These are often poorly lit with poor audio quality and an overall cheap feel. As commercials reflect your brand and business, it’s a worthwhile investment to contract a commercial video production studio for your next commercial. The right studio can deliver a cost effective high quality commercial. Whether you’re a startup crafting online video content, large corporation preparing a national campaign, or local brick-and-mortar bringing in more business, Meets the Eye Studios in San Carlos delivers what you need — and here are five types of commercials that demonstrate why:

Commercial Type #1: Product-Focused Commercials

Sometimes the product is the star of the commercial video. Meets the Eye offers two soundstage options for this. First, the large white wall soundstage provides a clean and pre-lit environment for shooting products and accompanying talking heads against a white backdrop — no need for additional setup. The large green screen offers the same  but with an eye on compositing backgrounds in the commercial’s post-production phase. Either way, both soundstages allow for creative teams to get clear product shots in pre-lit controlled environments.

Commercial Type #2: Infomercial

Infomercials came to rise in the 1990s and they’re still relevant today, though they’re generally a little more elegantly executed. The cheesy late-night TV version still exists, but the long-form format of focusing on a single product can be used for online corporate videos posted to social media channels and more. Regardless, this type of content still needs a studio capable of shooting a talking head and a demonstration. Meets the Eye Studios provides numerous options for shooting commercial videos in the South Bay/Peninsula: green screen, white wall, even office, conference room and commercial kitchen settings.

Commercial Type #3: Commercials on Large Sets

Does your commercial have a large set or at least a large piece to load in? Meets the Eye Studios is the ideal studio space for this. Both soundstages have large 12×12 loading doors, enabling easy access for bringing those pieces into the shooting space — and with an immaculate kept facility, getting those set pieces camera ready is never an issue.

Commercial Type #4: Commercials Against a Green Screen

Filming within a “moving” vehicle? Or on an alien planet? Or against an outdoor location with difficult logistics? Meets the Eye’s large pre-lit green screen gives filmmakers the ability to create their vision without limitations. The large loading doors enable you to load in any major set pieces — even cars roll right in — and the lighting grid is capable of supporting wire work; from stunts to effects, your commercial can have it all at Meets the Eye Studios.

Commercial Type #5: Commercials Set Indoors

Meets the Eye Studios offers a number of indoor settings that can be used for shooting in addition to the two spacious soundstages. Our large conference room and office spaces have been dressed up to look like everything from a police station to a bedroom. The lounge, green room, and cafe provide a range of size and space options while the commercial-quality kitchen (no pun intended) is perfect for any food-based shots or demonstrations.

Shoot Your Commercial At Meets the Eye

Conveniently located in San Carlos right off 101, Meets the Eye Studios offers a winning combination of immaculate facilities, amenities, free parking and customer-focused staff. See for yourself by scheduling a free tour today — we’re confident you’ll discover everything you need to shoot your commercial video right under the Meets the Eye roof.