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Corporate & Commercial White Wall Studio

Commercial Video White Wall Studio in San Carlos

From start-ups to tech giants to major corporations, companies of all types look for a corporate and commercial studio in the Bay Area for their production work. At Meets the Eye Studios, we’re a little biased; we think that our San Carlos video studio — particularly the white wall of Studio B — is an excellent choice for Bay Area corporate shoots of any kind. Centrally located in the peninsula right off Highway 101, Meets the Eye’s large white wall studio is the ideal sound stage for the following types of projects:

Product Shots

When shooting corporate and commercial videos in the Bay Area, product shots are inevitable. This applies to both photography and video. A white wall provides a clean, clear background with optimized lighting for magnificent product shots, allowing the product to truly take center stage while bringing details into focus.

Talking Heads

Commercials and corporate training videos tend to feature talking heads — for commercials, it’s pitch people selling the product and for training videos, it’s discussing the task at hand. A white wall provides the clean background necessary to focus solely on the spokesperson or interviewee without the necessary investment of time and money that comes with using a green screen.


Clean Backgrounds

Shooting a commercial against a pristine white background is a popular way to provide a stylized yet clean direction. We’ve seen this many times over the years, such as a car and a family against a white backdrop. Meets the Eye’s white wall sits in a large studio space, providing flexibility so you if you needs call for a bigger space, it’s possible.

Additional Features

A white wall studio with a lighting grid helps speed up the process during the crucial prep period, saving you time and money. When using a screen or backdrop, lenses and lighting have to be configured for optimum view, including concerns of bounce and keying. By using a white wall, Meets the Eye Studios comes ready to shoot, including specifics regarding a standard lighting setup to optimize any concerns of bounce or keying, allowing you to simply tweak to your preferences. This also allows you to save time during post-processing.

Discover Our San Carlos Video Studio

Meets the Eye Studios is conveniently located in San Carlos, nearly equidistant from all major Bay Area airports. In addition to the white wall studio space, Meets the Eye comes with a load of other features, including one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screens and an immaculately kept facility. See for yourself by scheduling a free studio tour today; you’ll quickly see why Meets the Eye Studios is considered by many to be the preferred commercial studio in the Bay Area.