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Complete Corporate Production Capabilities

An Entire Production Studio Available

Your launch day is weeks away. Your milestones are imminent. Your key stakeholders need to be satisfied — and your customer base needs to be wowed.

Just another week in the Bay Area, right? How do you create impactful videos and photos for major launches while also not losing sight of your day-to-day tasks?

That’s where Meets the Eye Studios comes into play. Located in the heart of the Bay Area and just about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose, we’ve helped make some of the biggest tech launches in history successful (sorry, can’t name names due to NDAs but we can guarantee you that these are significant products and services), and for any companies looking for a place to cast, shoot, collaborate, and get work done, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Full Facility Leasing

Meets the Eye’s entire facility is available for corporate short-term leasing, allowing staff and production teams to set up shop without any worry of having to deal with the ins and outs of other productions coming in. This provides exclusive access to support productions, from the studios to the offices to the green room (ideal spaces for breaks). Meets the Eye Studios is located right off Highway 101 in San Carlos, so teams that have leased the facility can take advantage of the many great restaurants nearby or they can have catering teams come in to use our full-size commercial kitchen. In short, it’s everything you need to make a production while staying productive and comfortable under one roof.

Office & Conference Space

Meets the Eye’s most notable features are its sound stages. However, there’s a practical side to productions too, and the immaculately kept facility supports the logistics of day-to-day business, particularly for corporate clients that need to stay connected to their offices. The entire facility is Wi-Fi enabled, along with ethernet connections, allowing all devices to get online. Individual offices — all with printer network access — can be used to take phone calls, work on laptops, or review content, and the large conference room is available for meetings and collaboration. This allows both day-to-day staff and VIPs to keep work moving forward even while off site with the production.

Complete Discretion

Silicon Valley giants have trusted Meets the Eye Studios with some of the biggest product launches in technology. During these productions for promotional videos and photos, the Meets the Eye Team worked to maintain absolute discretion for these high-profile projects. First, complete facility leasing ensured that no unwanted eyes had access to the productions or products. Second, office spaces were used specifically for designated tasks, allowing for privacy and discretion whether for casting or handling corporate tasks. Third, special accommodations were always addressed to ensure product secrecy. Located conveniently between San Francisco’s thriving tech sector and the heart of Silicon Valley, the Meets the Eye Studios Team is acutely aware of the stakes and pressure involved with product launches and major corporate announcements, and discretion is always promised to our clientele.

See For Yourself

The decision to book an entire production facility in advance of a major product launch or announcement is a significant one, and we want you to fully understand the scope of Meets the Eye’s capabilities. Get in touch today to schedule a free tour; from our sound stages (featuring one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screens) to our immaculately kept amenities, we’re confident that you’ll find everything you’ll need at Meets the Eye Studios.

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