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Photography Soundstage in San Carlos

Large Soundstage Features Painted White Wall

Bay Area photographers seeking to shoot on a soundstage, look no further than San Carlos — Meets the Eye Studios is an immaculately kept facility with two large soundstages, a number of amenities including ample free parking, and a central location for the entire Bay Area. It’s the ideal place for photographers to plan their indoor shoots, and it all begins with the soundstages.

Studio B at Meets the Eye Studios features 2,000 square feet with 17-foot ceiling and a painted white wall. What are the possibilities with that space? Let’s start with the white wall. For many projects — particularly corporate photography — the white wall is a time-saving feature that eliminates numerous steps across the process spectrum.


Consider the initial setup: for many photographers, the first steps involve getting the lighting ready — without lighting, the foundation for the shoot is lost. With a large white wall, the background is already set and the lighting configuration is minimal. In particular, Meets the Eye features a complete lighting grid which can be used to tweak the final setup. The large space of the white wall minimizes the amount of bounce and reflection to worry about, as well as the subtle inconsistencies found with using a backdrop in a black-walled studio.

Many of today’s ads and corporate photography feature a high-key look. Shooting on a large white wall skips much of the post-processing time and the keying — and if you need to achieve a low-key look, the experienced Meets the Eye team can provide shutter recommendations for minimizing the background in this particular space. In addition, Studio B features large 12’x12′ loading doors, so if you need to bring large set pieces or elaborate props for your white-background photoshoot, Meets the Eye can easily accommodate it.

Other Studio Features for Bay Area Photographers

green-screen-filming2Meets the Eye also delivers further options for Bay Area photographers. In addition to Studio B’s white wall, Studio A features a large pre-lit green screen for any photo shoots that require post-production compositing. Office space, green rooms, kitchen, and cafe space can all be dressed up to double as an interior set, and the commercial-quality kitchen accommodates contracted catering if you have a large cast and crew for your photo shoot. Additional equipment is available on site, such as lighting needs and cables.

All of this comes in a beautifully kept and easily accessible facility. Located in San Carlos right off of Highway 101, Meets the Eye is nearly equidistant to all three major Bay Area airports (SFO, SJC, OAK), making it the ideal choice for photographers, clients, and talent alike. See for yourself by scheduling a free tour of the Meets the Eye facility today; we have a feeling you’ll want to plan your next photo shoot at a soundstage in San Carlos.