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White Wall or Green Screen Photography and Filming Rental Studio In San Carlos

White Wall Filming Soundstage Studio

Need a photography rental studio in the Bay Area? San Carlos’ Meets the Eye Studios has exactly what you need. A space designed for both filmmaking and photography, photographers in particular can take advantage of one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screenas well as a sound stage complete with a white wall. In addition, Meets the Eye is proudly partnering with the Bay Area’s LightGrid Studios for even more photography options.

Photography Green Screen with Pre-Lit Stage

Green screen photography is used for many different purposes and functions, though ultimately the goal is the same: photograph an object with a background to be replaced later. This could be a person, product, or other item. The most important aspect of all of this is getting the lighting right. First, the green screen needs to be lit as evenly as possible. Second, the subject needs to have lighting that feels natural to the eventual background; otherwise, the composite will stick out.

Meets the Eye Studios has a large pre-lit green screen in Studio A that can save you time and money. The space comes with a heavy-duty lighting grid that is used for both film and photography. This versatility allows for lighting to easily be adjusted to meet the specific needs of photographers so that post-production composition of a natural-looking image is easy.

White Wall for Photography

Photography against a white wall is ideal for high-contrast isolation shots. This technique is popular in both film and photography for commercial purposes, though in the modern digital age, this is really focused on clean product shots for online catalogs. Of course, what’s in the actual catalog or promotional photo can vary on size. It can be as small as a bottle of wine or as large as a car or desk. With a white wall, nearly all sizes can be accommodated to create a clean image.

Meets the Eye Studios has a white wall space in Studio B. The space is also pre-lit and large enough to accommodate large set pieces through 12’x12’ loading doors. Whatever the size of your shoot — whether it’s a group of products, something as large as a truck, or a group of people in catalog shoots — Studio B’s spacious soundstage and white wall can make it happen.

Looking for a New Photo Studio with a White Wall or Green Screen?

Experience a spacious clean environment complete with pre-lit sound stages. Take a tour today of Meets the Eye Studios and learn more about options for booking the space for your photography needs.