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Photography Rental Studio in San Carlos

Photography Rental Studio in San Carlos

Benefits of Indoor Bay Area Photo Shoots

Bay Area photographers may not know it, but their desired shooting location may be in San Carlos — namely, a photography rental studio in San Carlos. Meets the Eye Studios is conveniently located off Highway 101

in the heart of the Bay Area, making it an easily accessible photo studio for professional photographers. But why choose a soundstage like Meets the Eye over San Francisco’s numerous location options?


Complete Control

Weather. Lighting. Traffic. Passerbys. So many variables can complicate a location shoot. With a studio shoot, every single detail is under your control. Meets the Eye turns this up a notch further, with amenities and features that accommodate beyond the actual photo shoot. Need makeup and prosthetics? Dressing rooms with makeup mirrors are available in our immaculate facility. Have a large set or group of models? Our sound stages are some of the Bay Area’s largest — and cleanest. Short on time? Pre-lit spaces make fine-tuning the only requirement. Want to work mostly in post-production? Studio A’s green screen gives you all the flexibility in the world.

In addition, if you have people on hand besides yourself and the models (set loaders, makeup artists, corporate VIPs for commercial shoots, etc.), Meets the Eye’s commercial-quality kitchen makes it easy to bring in catering, ensuring everyone remains fed and happy.

Maximizing Your Studio Time

You’ve booked your space and are ready to go. But time is of the essence, not just with the studio space, but the hourly rates for your models and other crew involved. Take advantage of Meets the Eye’s aforementioned features and benefits to help you plan and expedite the process; in addition to those things, here are some practical tips we’ve curated after working with photographers over the years:

  •      Models & Portrait Photography: If you’re an experienced photographer, you don’t necessarily need to hire the most experienced models. Find people who fit the look you need, then get the most out of lighting and makeup to really bring out their best looks. Remember, anyone can strike the right pose given the right environment — and it’s the job of the photographer to capture the moment.
  •      Lighting: Take advantage of Meets the Eye’s pre-lit sound stages to get the bulk of the lighting foundation. Then, plan ahead by sketching out your lighting needs. This will cut down on your setup time, which in turn saves you money.
  •      Sets & Props: Some photographers make the mistake of starting a shoot without much experience using their sets and props. Take time in the days before the shoot to photograph all involved objects with different lighting angles. At best, you’ll find exactly what you want to incorporate; at worse, you’ll know the basic reactions of light and shadow on their shapes.
  •      Plan for The Worst: You may think you’re ready to go, but something will inevitably go wrong, either with your equipment or the model or the setup. You’ll need to think ahead, be ready to anticipate possible problems and be prepared. It’s always smart to book an extra hour of studio time for maximum flexibility in worst-case-scenarios.


San Carlos’ Premiere Photography Rental Studio

If you’re looking for the ideal indoor space for your photography session, we invite you to take a free tour of Meets the Eye Studios in San Carlos. With two large soundstages, an immaculately kept facility, and many on-site features including ample free parking, Meets the Eye can accommodate anything from private sessions to corporate and commercial photo shoots. Schedule your free tour today!