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5 Ways to Market Your Photography Business to Other Businesses

How to Get Your Name Out There

In a world where most people have a camera in their pocket at any given time, proving that your photography skills are worth an investment can be a challenge.

Photographers interested in building a client-base must be able to appeal to customers personally and professionally with high-quality work, networking prowess, and creative marketing strategies.

Here are five ways to focus on those factors and reach your business goals without a marketing degree:

Number 1: Use Social Media Strategically

A social media following is based on interest and loyalty, and knowing your audience plays a big part in that. Identify what social media groups your potential customers may be interested in and join the conversation. For example, if you excel at professional-looking headshots, check out Facebook pages or Twitter feeds for local entrepreneurial hubs, student internship forums, or a local employment agency, where users are more likely to be immediately interested in beefing up their resumes or LinkedIn profiles with a new headshot.

Number 2: Build Relationships with Businesses by Building Relationships with People First

When you put forth the effort to make personal connections face-to-face, you are more likely to be remembered when future business needs arise. Attend networking events where you know possible future customers will be — whether that’s a craft fair, a fashion week runway show, or a small business networking cocktail hour — and reach out to them first. Have a stack of business cards on hand and, if possible, host a booth where people interested in your work can find out more.

Number 3: Create an Authentic Presentation of Your Work

Having a professional-looking website with accurate information about your business can seal the deal for some customers– especially if samples of your best work are included. Use site building software like Squarespace or WordPress to build a website or portfolio that shows off your product photos or professional portraits that you’ve worked on. Include your pricing plan and more info about your skills as a photographer. Then direct people who are interested in your work to contact you for more information.

Number 4: Tell a Story

When it comes to advertising, people are generally more interested in storytelling than being told what to do. Start a blog, online magazine, or newsletter to keep your perspective clients updated on projects you’ve completed recently. Post the stories of your subjects alongside some of your favorite shots– whether that’s the work and bio of a traveling artist or product photos for a local tech company.

Not only does this additional digital landing spot give a peek into what kind of photographer you are, but when people see their friends, family, and competitors featured, it could inspire them to look to you for shots as well.

Let People Try Your Service

Everybody loves a free sample. Why not host a contest or giveaway for a free mini photo session? Connect with your favorite lifestyles blogger, entrepreneur hub, or restaurant owner to offer the opportunity as a networking event door prize, or choose the winner from users of your own unique hashtag.

Number 5: Marketing for Photographers

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