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Flexible San Francisco Bay Area Event Space

The Perfect Bay Area Venue For Unique Celebrations

At Meets the Eye Studios, we’re known for being used by filmmakers, corporate marketing teams, and other groups needing a video or photography space. We also handle traditional events in our San Carlos facility, such as product launches, holiday parties, and more.

However, we recently got this request for a very unique event:

“I am trying to plan a Bid Day celebration for around 120-150 women on the evening of August 31, 2016. The party theme is “childhood” so I want to have a bouncy house, giant trikes, a wall with cartoons projected onto it, a wall covered with butcher paper that people can finger paint on (I intend to cover the floor with butcher paper and use washable paint to prevent messes), a dance floor area with speakers we can bring in ourselves (no dj, I will just use a playlist I have created), a candy bar, potentially a cotton candy machine, a dress up and photo area (with disposable cameras), and a board game section.

I am hoping to be able to work with outside vendors on my own, although it would be very helpful if I were able to leave the bouncy castle at the venue overnight so that the rental place can pick it up in the morning. If this is not possible, I can talk to vendors and see if we can work something else out.”

The planner was concerned with the feasibility behind such specific requests. Let’s break down how the Meets the Eye team can make it happen.

Bouncy house & giant trikes: The issue with these features is getting them into the space and prepared. Meets the Eye Studio’s two large soundstages both have 12’x12’ loading doors. For filming, that means large set pieces or gaffer trucks can roll right in. For this party, that means that set-up crew can have similarly easy access.

Wall covered in butcher paper: Studio B is a large rectangular space with flat walls. Butcher paper can easily be put up here, even multiple layers as a safety net. Parts of Studio A are also an option, though it should be noted that the large green screen cyc wall makes it less ideal when compared to Studio B.

Dance floor: Both soundstages regularly have many cast and crew walking through it. Because of that, it’s easy to section an area off for a dance floor — and with industry-standard sound insulation, loud amplified music won’t disturb the neighbors.

Designated sectioned areas: Areas for games, photos, and other needs can be created due to the large and open floor plan for both soundstages. Meets the Eye’s cafe-style seating can be brought into the soundstage for tables and chairs, or outside vendors can load in their equipment through the large 12’x12’ loading doors.

Bouncy house pickup: Meets the Eye Studio has a parking lot out front and a loading area in the back. Either can be used to accommodate this request.

Does your large event have unique constraints? Chances are, Meets the Eye can accommodate them — and even exceed your expectations with our many features and amenities including our luxurious green room for VIPs and ample free parking. Take a virtual tour of the studio to see if we’re right for your next party.