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Pros & Cons of Using a San Francisco Video Studio

The Good & Bad of Bay Area Corporate Filmmaking

The San Francisco Bay Area has many wonderful things to offer corporate video projects, be they ads or viral videos or something else. However, no region is perfect. Consider the following pros and cons of hiring a San Francisco video studio for your corporate filmmaking — all the good and bad the region has to offer…

San Francisco Video Studio Pros

Talent: The Bay Area is rife with creative talent. Thus, when you use a San Francisco video studio, you tap into an immense network of talent. Filmmakers, costume designers, actors and models, post-production effects, all of that is at your fingertips simply because of the thriving and nurturing community. The Bay Area filmmaking community is tightly knit, whether the project is purely artistic or commercial/industrial or a little bit of both.

Experience: The San Francisco Bay Area has been a long-time leader in the advertising industry. Not only does the area come with incredible filmmaking talent, it is also brimming with marketing and advertising talent — talent that stays on the cutting edge of content and ad creation. Whether it’s a traditional broadcast ad or videos designed to go viral through social media, using a SF studio puts you at the center of this talented pool.

Technology: Silicon Valley and the Bay Area are constantly innovating video, editing, and production technology, from how we schedule and handle logistics to new and unique methods for creating shots. Right in our backyard, you have access to the innovations of the area, trading technology access for sponsorships and partnerships.

San Francisco Video Studio Cons

Cost: The Bay Area’s cost of living is going up. There’s no getting around that. That means that rates adjust accordingly, so you’ll have to budget for that. Some of this may be mitigated with the region’s acceptance for a “freemium” model — that is, exchanging work for exposure, sponsorships, testimonials, etc. rather than cash.

Traffic: Not only is the cost of living increasing, the influx of jobs and residents mean that traffic is worse. Getting talent and crew from Point A to Point B can take roughly double what it took ten years ago. Any production, regardless of size, will have to take that into account.

Discretion: Silicon Valley and the Bay Area has it all in the tech world: startups, giants, and everything in between. Networking is a favorite activity, which means people talk a lot about projects. If you need discretion for your corporate project, be it an ad, launch video, or industrial video, it is absolutely essential that you work with a video studio capable of respecting that — preferably doing everything possible to support that.

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