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Choosing a Commercial Video Rental Studio in the Bay Area

Located a short drive from San Francisco, Meets The Eye Studios is well-equipped and ready for your commercial rental video shoot. As filmmakers, we know what’s important during a shoot, and we’ve created this space to meet your needs.

Both Studio A and Studio B have a range of amenities designed to make your video shoot smooth and worry-free.

  • 12′ x 12′ motorized loading doors allow you to bring in large set pieces or equipment, as well as quick access to the ample parking on site.
  • A quiet HVAC system that won’t disrupt sync sound recording, even when running at 100%.
  • Access to a commercial kitchen available for food shoots or feeding your crew.
  •  Access to private office space for talent or clients.
  • A green room, conference room, shower, and ample free parking–also included.
  • A studio manager that knows our space to assist with logistics.
  • A large selection of video equipment available for rent.

When you arrive, the studio will always be clean, organized, and empty. We pride ourselves on the upkeep of these studios, because we know how important it is for a successful video shoot.

A Video Studio with a Pre-Lit Green Screen

We know how time consuming lighting a green screen can be during a commercial video shoot. To help save you up to two hours of time (and money), we’ve built a pre-lit green screen in Studio A.

This 25′ x 53′ green screen is one of the largest green screen coves in the Bay Area, providing flexibility for your video shoot. We also offer a flexible power distribution with 2400A 3-Phase power and 12 quad receptacles. Each are on their 20A circuit, ensuring everything will stay powered throughout your time here.

In addition to the pre-lit green screen and ample space, Studio A offers the following amenities included in the rental fee:

  •       Scissor lift access
  •       Chairs, tables, ladders, C-stands, and other standard equipment
  •       HD-SDI live video feeds, which are accessible in the conference rooms and offices

We also regularly repaint our green screen to ensure the optimum on-screen performance.

A Video Studio with an Acoustically Treated White Wall

We recently painted Studio B white, creating a spacious, 40′ x 50′ white wall. This is an ideal setup for interview or product video shoots. With the same 12′ x 12′ loading doors as Studio A, Studio B can accommodate large set pieces–even a vehicle should one be the subject of your shoot.

The uses for a white wall studio go beyond a single video shoot, though. The substantial size of Studio B means that you can shoot on two small sets simultaneously, or use the entire space for blocking stunt choreography.

In addition to the white wall, Studio B is acoustically treated for optimal sound control. Even with a powerful HVAC system to keep your crew and talent cool, you’ll be able to record sync sound.

As with Studio A, you’ll also have access to a scissor lift and standard setup equipment, as well as an HD-SDI live video feed. With this feed, your client can be working in one of our conference rooms while still monitoring the shoot.

We’re proud of the San Carlos studio space we’ve created at Meets The Eye, and our clients agree. The ample parking, many amenities, and our skilled team will help you plan and execute the most efficient video shoot possible. Contact us today at (650) 508-8801 for more information and to schedule a tour.