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Using a White Wall Studio vs. a Black Wall Studio

Due to popular demand, we recently converted Studio B at Meets The Eye to a white wall studio. This permanent white wall offers a better solution for your video and photography shoot needs. And, we now can offer you the opportunity to use Studio B’s white wall and Studio A’s pre-lit green screen simultaneously, giving you more flexibility.

The Benefits of Using a White Walled Studio

While we were always able to accommodate those wanting a white wall studio by painting the cyc wall in Studio A, this change meets the increase in demand for this type of space.

  • A white background offers more control and minimal setup, whether for video or photography.
  • A white wall studio gives both product photographers and larger scale productions the flexibility in how light reflects off the walls.
  • By using tweaks like draping backgrounds or slight adjustments to lighting, productions are able to create welcoming, warm environments for their shoot.
  • White wall studios create the appearance of infinite space, making it ideal for a non-distracting background during shooting.
  • Using a white background in product photography isolates the object, making it easier to extract for compositing.
  • Because Studio B is already white, your production can save the expense of painting Studio A as previously needed. (And direct those funds towards higher priority items.)

Using a White Wall Studio Instead of a Black Wall

Aside from using a green screen, black and white are the two most common studio colors. Each has their benefits, though due to black’s properties, it’s less desired in most applications. Black absorbs all color, making a space seem smaller.

A white wall studio can also be lit to appear grey, helping you achieve just the appearance you want. A black studio will always appear black, even with a flash or heavy lighting.

Why a Permanent White Wall in Studio B?

There are a number of advantages to this permanent change in Studio B, including the acoustic treatments in the space.

  • We can augment and tweak the white floor to achieve the specific appearance you’re looking for.
  • Studio B also offers improved acoustics due to a specially built white wall.
  • The acoustic wall features isolated studs and a dual layer of drywall, offering less bounce and better sound wave isolation.
  • No more seamless white paper background that can rip or crease.
  • A painted permanent wall will last much longer and offers you the chance to capture superior quality shots.

These improvements have helped transform Studio B into a perfect space for your next commercial or interview shoot.

We wanted to create a space that helps you achieve your vision, whether that’s product photography for your upcoming launch, or interviews for a profile video or documentary. A white wall studio can help you achieve that neutral, clean space, and we’re thrilled to better accommodate your needs with this change.

In addition to the acoustically treated white wall, Studio B also features 12’x12’ leading doors, a lighting grid, and all Meets the Eye Studios amenities. Our San Carlos studio is near the Bay Area and features plenty free parking and office space so your time here is painless and productive. We’d love to show you our space.

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