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The Meets the Eye Studio Network of Resources

For many marketing teams in Silicon Valley and San Francisco, a commercial studio is probably the first decision when embarking upon a corporate production. But where do you go from there? Many marketing teams may have some experience working with productions, perhaps even a regular director they use, but they often lack a full production crew — outside of the initial creative and branding direction, they need help.

That’s where a studio like ours can help you. Meets the Eye offers a number of resources and connections to provide any corporate production with the support and talent it may need. Let’s take a look at a few of these:

Production company: Meets the Eye Studios was founded and designed by prominent members of the Bay Area filmmaking community. Because of that, the staff has many connections with production companies — companies that have both worked at Meets the Eye or have worked with some of the talented staff at Meets the Eye. A production company is perfect for a marketing team that has an idea for a corporate commercial but is inexperienced in bringing it to life.

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Stunt coordinator: For corporate marketing teams that are considering making their commercial sing with some stuntwork, Meets the Eye Studios has worked with some of the Bay Area’s most reputable stunt coordinators and performers. Because Meets the Eye has wire-capable lighting rigs, even the most intricate stunts can be performed on our soundstages. A stunt coordinator is perfect for a corporate commercial that requires some intense visual flair from performers.

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Gaffer: A good gaffer can make the difference between a capable production and a highly efficient production that maximizes time and budget. Meets the Eye is connected with a number of reputable Bay Area gaffers, and in particular, some that are based close to our San Carlos facility for easy access. A gaffer is perfect for marketing teams that may have some regularly contracted talent but need a referral for electrical and logistical support.

Looking to Hire? Check Out Our List of Tursted Partners Here

Catering: Meets the Eye Studios offers a full-service commercial-quality kitchen that’s even capable of hosting major parties and events. For productions that have a large crew or a visiting corporate team, getting a catered lunch can make the day much smoother by keeping everyone on site with good food. A caterer is perfect for long-shoot days or wrap parties when there are many people involved in your production at the soundstage.

Meets the Eye Studios has a reputation of delivering whatever referrals its customers need. Have something unique in mind for your corporate production? Contact us today and we’ll collaborate on how to get it done, or schedule a free tour to see what our immaculate San Carlos facility has to offer.