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4 Ways To Keep Your Production Happy

Studio Amenities For A Happy Cast And Crew

You may have a strong vision, budget, and plan for your production, but without a happy cast and crew, you’ll struggle to the finish line. Fortunately, keeping them happy may be easier than you think. In fact, it may all come down to your choice of studio. 

Quality HVAC System

Never underestimate the power of good ventilation. Your cast and crew are working hard, sometimes while holding cumbersome equipment or wearing detailed costumes. In short, they’re likely to already be uncomfortable. That’s where a good HVAC system comes in. While on a soundstage, energy efficient air conditioning keeps everyone cool so they can focus on their task, whether it’s the talent  or crew.

Keep Them Well Fed

Keeping a cast and crew fed is one of the easiest ways to ensure their happiness, productivity  and focus. The best way to do that is to bring great catering on site, so no one has to battle parking or traffic to get lunch. That means picking a studio with a commercial-quality kitchen, one that accommodates caterers and provides ample seating space. Whether it’s a wedding, party, or your craft services table, everyone remembers the food, so be sure to take care of your cast and crew.

Comfortable Break Spaces

Not everyone is on at the same time. Cast members do a lot of waiting, camera crew may have to wait for lighting, who in turn are waiting for stunt choreographers. With so much downtime and so many moving parts, it’s critical to keep people comfortable. A variety of lounge spaces and a green room, all furnished with comfortable sofas and chairs, allows people to take a break and re-center themselves for their next task. This is important for keeping productions moving smoothly and efficiently — a fifteen minute break can do wonders for both cast and crew, so give them a nice spot to take it.


Everyone has a smartphone these days, but no one likes to run up their data plan or deal with inconsistent signal. Keep your cast and crew connected with facility-wide wi-fi. Not only does this allow them to relax during breaks, it makes it easy to coordinate with people even when they’re not on the soundstage.

All of these amenities and more are available at Meets the Eye Studios. Conveniently located in San Carlos right off 101, Meets the Eye has provides cutting-edge features, two large soundstages, ample free parking, and an immaculately kept facility. Contact Meets the Eye today to schedule your free tour and discover why it’s the premiere choice for Bay Area filmmakers.