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A New Type of Bay Area Photography Rental Studio

You Forget a Critical Piece of Photography Equipment

Choosing to shoot at a Bay Area photography rental studio means you will be prepared for any situation. Equipment can break, clients may request certain items, and you may forget an important cable or lens. This is why at Meets The Eye Studios we offer an extensive collection of rental equipment to help make your photoshoots run efficiently.

We’ve all done it: you meticulously pack your cases, charge your batteries, and head to the photography studio for your shoot. When you unpack your gear, you realize you’ve forgotten a cable or a light stand. Running back to your home or office would take time you don’t have, and your stress levels are rising.

Instead, our rental studio has the gear you need to stay on schedule. Our team can help you find what you need so you can get back to work.

Your Equipment Breaks During a Shoot

While we don’t like to dwell on what could go wrong, we also want to help you be prepared. Whether a cable breaks or a lens is dropped, we have an extensive inventory of rental photography gear that keeps your shoot running smoothly.

We offer top-of-the-line photography equipment, which means you have access to the best gear available. It could be better than the model that broke, which offers you an excellent chance to use new products.

You Need a One-Time Photography Rental

There may be times when a client asks for a specific piece of gear that you don’t own. Instead of saying, “Sorry,” or purchasing it for the single shoot, you can rent it from us. This means you can meet your client’s expectations while saving an expense.

Our experienced and talented stage manager Austin Heppler can help you find what you need and we’ll have it ready when you load-in on the day of your shoot.

What’s Included in Your Rental

In addition to our extensive rental selection, we also include certain equipment and amenities in the flat fee rental rate for both Studio A and Studio B:

  • 14 pre-hung and cabled 2K spacelights
  • Socapex distro for the pre-lit cove
  • Blackout skirts
  • Gel frames for spacelights
  • Scissor lift
  • A 6′ and 8′ step ladder
  • Basic power and video distribution
  • 11 folding tables
  • 26 folding chairs
  • Two tall Hollywood director’s chairs
  • Stage manager
  • Office space and conference room
  • Green room
  • Video network capabilities in each room
  • Full-service kitchen ready for use by caterers of your choice
  • Hair/make-up rooms with mobile stations
  • Shower and bathroom
  • Wi-fi throughout the entire facility
  • Free parking

If you don’t believe us, maybe Studio Rental Expert Bill Delzell will change your mind:

“If I were to close my eyes and imagine an ideal workspace, I probably would have built something half as nice as this… It has all the amenities that I’d ever imagine a client would need.”

We’re proud of the photography rental studio that we’ve created at Meets The Eye, and we know you’ll love shooting here. If gear breaks, you forget something, or if a client asks for something you don’t want to purchase, we can help.

From the abundant free parking to first-class amenities and 12′ by 12′ loading doors, you can ensure a smooth photoshoot for your team and your client. If you would like to learn more about renting equipment for your next photoshoot, give us a call at (650) 508-8801.