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Utilizing the Profoto Pro-10 Flash in Studio Photography

Profoto released their Pro-10 flash in 2016, making it the quickest flash in production today. While there are other quality flashes on the market, the Pro-10 is what you want when capturing a subject in movement.

There is a certain space where technology limits what a creative mind can accomplish. Even with technology developing rapidly in the photography industry, there are still gaps keeping some from reaching their true potential.

Until now.


Why the Profoto Pro-10 is Different

Because action photography requires stopping time at just the right moment, it’s critical that your flash can keep up.

Billed as the “perfect fusion of speed and power”, the Profoto Pro-10 offers a speed of up to 1/80,000 of a second and 2400 Watts of power. Because of this incredibly short flash duration, you can capture crisp images, even with a subject in movement.

The Pro-10 also offers a wide power range with 11 different settings in 1/10 f-stop increments. Because of these diverse settings, you’ll be able to integrate this flash into a studio environment for just about any type of shoot. (Although the Pro-10 is at its finest in high action environments.)

The Profoto Pro-10’s recycling time is also quick, so you can shoot in bursts, even at a high light output. With its TTL capability and their patented High Speed Sync (HSS) feature, this is the only flash you’ll need in your studio photography.

You will also be able to use your existing Profoto heads, specifically the ProHead Plus, the ProTwin, the ProRing, and the ProRin 2 Plus. The company also lists the MultiSpot, Striplights, and FresnelSpot as compatible.

While the Pro-10 is just over two pounds heavier than the Pro-8a, the benefits far outweigh this increase. We don’t think you’ll notice, either.

How the Profoto Pro-10 Will Improve Your Photography

Profoto may sound boastful while talking about the Pro-10, but we think it matches the hype in the industry. As one of Profoto’s employees described at Photokina 2016, the Pro-10 “… allows photographers to create new and magnificent [images].”

The very short flash duration ensures you will be able to get a crisp image every time. This is ideal for those shooting campaigns for athletic brands, allowing every photographer to integrate movement and create beautiful images.

With the release of this new flash, Profoto produced a video with Iain Crawford showing the power of the Pro-10. They used tungsten to match the flash to a video they filmed simultaneously, showing the Pro-10’s capability. When the photo is compared to the film, you can see just how clear the image is.

We can’t help but be impressed at the quality of this flash and how it compares to the video.

When you choose the Profoto Pro-10, the studio will become a stage for your creativity, unleashed. Your images will be crisp, and time will freeze. What will you create?

Why not rent rather than spend over $13,000 for this remarkable piece of equipment. The Profoto Pro-10 is available for rental at Meets The Eye Studios, in addition to any other studio photography equipment you need to make your shoot a success. For a tour of our San Carlos facility, give us a call at (650) 508-8801.