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Meets The Eye Hosts Medical Device Shoot

Meets the Eye studios was pleased to host Ken Shiokari today. Ken brought in a product from Bio-Rad Medical Devices for a product shoot.


Ken also brought along a three volume set of memorabilia from his father Tom’s extensive career in aerospace.


Tom Shiokari graduated from High School while at the Poston, AZ detention camp in 1944. He went on to get a masters degree in engineering from UCLA, and worked in aerospace his whole life.


Highlights of his career include work on all four manned Mercury orbital flights.


Meets The Eye Studios is the perfect space for your next product shoot. Take a walk through the studio by watching the video below and to arrange your in-person tour contact Austin Heppler, our Stage Manger, at 480-650-9687 (mobile) or 650-508-8801 at the studio.