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Sony-Alpha A7R II

How Sony’s Mirrorless Cameras Are Changing Photography

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase

New cameras are always exciting, but Sony’s mirrorless cameras are transforming the photography industry. Sony continues to improve the technology behind mirrorless cameras including an increasingly powerful CMOS sensor. This gives you a chance to capture your subject with the benefits of mirrorless camera technology.

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Video Rental Studio for Live Streaming Events

Using A Rental Video Studio to Showcase Your Company

As video continues to grow as a valuable marketing resource, it’s important to produce high quality content. Instead of resorting to your conference room, choose a rental studio that can provide you with the space and amenities you need for a successful live stream, commercial shoot, or product demo.

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Getting Started with Composite Photography

Creating Different Types of Images

Composite photography uses Photoshop or Gimp (open-source) to create a different type of image. There are many valuable styles of photography, and we enjoy seeing how photographers create composite photos or images in a variety of ways including drag and drop, layer masks and cutting out and placing an image within another.  

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