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The Perfect Choice For Stunt Coordinators

Spacious Wire-Ready Studios

Stunt work can be one of the trickiest aspects of production thanks to variables as wide-ranging as wire needs, choreography space, greenscreen needs, and more. For stunt coordinators looking for the right place to handle all of the action, Meets the Eye Studios can fulfill many items on their production checklist. Wire-ready, pre-lit, and loaded with strong trusses, the spacious sound stages at Meets the Eye have delivered the goods for many stunt teams, including noted Bay Area stuntman Tony Vella.

Lighting Grid For Wire Work

In summer 2014, we got a call from from Tony. His team was in the middle of preproduction for a short called Mind City Terror, and while they had booked studio time for a stunt-oriented shoot, a little film called Jurassic World kicked them out. We arranged for Tony to come by and see the wire-ready grids in our greenscreen cove. During the tour, Tony examined the trusses up close and noted how little deflection there was, even when bouncing on them while hanging. Mind City Terror shot at Meets the Eye, and its futuristic combatants made good use of the grid’s ability to support wire work.

Trusses For Up To 450 Pounds

Later, Tony worked with us in a different way. For the independent film Love Twice, several shots require a circus trapeze artist. For safety reasons, it was decided to shoot the trapeze work against a greenscreen. When the film’s stunt coordinator called with questions, we referred her to Tony. Tony vouched for the truss strength (up to 450 pounds) and the spacious studio, which convinced the production to shoot the whole trapeze sequence at Meets the Eye.

Fully Networked Facility With Live Feeds

Sometimes, the stunt coordinator and performers need as much space as possible to get the job done. And sometimes crew members simply want to give performers space to focus on safety and choreography. In either case, Meets the Eye Studios offers a variety of ways for the crew to monitor the stunt performances outside of the sound stage. HD-SDI video is networked through the facility, so live video feeds can be tapped from any office or the Meets the Eye conference room and green room. Full wired and wireless Internet access is also available, enabling real-time communication and updates between those in the soundstage and those observing in other rooms.

Quiet & Efficient HVAC System

Stunt work in itself is physically demanding. But when you add in costumes, lighting, electrical equipment, and crew, to the environment performers can feel the heat quickly, and that impacts their quality and physical well-being. Just ask Tony, who had to wear a suit of futuristic armor for Mind City Terror.


Meets the Eye Studios was designed with a top-of-the-line HVAC system to ensure that your cast and crew, in any situation, would be comfortable. The system runs at minimal volume while keeping temperatures cool, so performers can focus on safety and choreography rather than uncomfortable temperatures.

Your New Bay Area Stunt Coordinator Studio

From choreography to execution, stunt work can be a tough, draining ordeal. At Meets the Eye Studios, we’re confident that our facility and our amenities provide everything to make the entire process as easy and comfortable as possible. If you’re looking for a large pre-lit space with greenscreen and wire-ready options for your stunt work, do what Tony Vella did and contact Marshall now. We’ll get you on the same tour Tony did so you can see why Bay Area stunt coordinators love to work at Meets the Eye Studios.