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Why Shoot Corporate Videos In A Commercial Studio?

Do You Need A Commercial Studio?

Everyone has a smartphone these days. That means that everyone has a point-and-shoot high-resolution video camera. Add in a tripod and a quiet room and that’s enough to shoot a corporate video, right?

Not necessarily. In some cases, it’s true that a quick set up in an office conference room can get the job done. These are usually for video blogs (AKA vlogs) or short response videos. However, anything that needs commercial-quality footage — especially something being shown in a high-profile environment such as an industry trade show or broadcast commercial — needs to be shot in a commercial studio environment. Here are three factors that make a huge difference:

Proper Lighting

For filmmaking, lighting is just about everything when it comes to the visuals. Poor lighting can ruin a shot despite a great backdrop, perfect makeup, and great delivery/acting. However, great lighting can make everything look better, from the environment to the people. In a commercial studio, lighting grids are set up overhead in a way that very specific lighting needs can be quickly and easily achieved. This allows the production to focus on performance and directorial choices rather than environmental elements.

Proper Acoustics

Even if you’re doing a shoot and have a boom microphone set up, few environments can mirror the acoustic quality of a commercial studio. That’s why so many Hollywood productions require ADR (automated dialogue replacement) — shot on location, background noise and improper acoustics can drown out the actor’s voice. In a commercial studio, the sound stage is usually designed for proper production acoustics, blocking out the outside world while minimizing reverb, echo, and other environmental sound issues.

Proper Equipment

If you’re trying to make a corporate video on minimal equipment, a smartphone on a tripod may seem like a starting point. But what happens when you want a wider lense? Or you can’t get the smartphone’s camera to focus properly? Or you need an isolated shot of a talking head or product? The best commercial studios can provide these things, from rentable camera equipment to a library of lenses to green screen options. This allows you to have full creative freedom over the production and not be limited to the resources on hand.

Meets The Eye: The Best Commercial Studio In San Carlos

For the Bay Area, all of these items can be found in San Carlos’s Meets the Eye Studios. An ideal place for corporate video production, the combination of an immaculate facility, two large sound stages — including one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screens — a commercial-quality kitchen, free parking, and easy highway access from all major Bay Area airports deliver everything needed for a successful shoot. See for yourself by booking a free tour at Meets the Eye today.

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