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What Questions to Ask Before Booking an Event Space

Are You  Looking a San Carlos Event Space?

Whether it’s for a personal or business function, the Bay Area’s peninsula region is the ideal location for an event space. In particular, a city like San Carlos is perfect due to easy highway access and being roughly equidistant to all major airports. Within this region, there are a number of options for your event — so as an event planner, what do you need to know?

From our experience as a studio that has both a large and small event space in San Carlos, here’s what we recommend event planners ask: I’d suggest deleting “as an event space in San Carlos”

What Event Space Options Are Available?

For event planners, this is the first question on your mind and rightly so. When asking about facility options, think about practical matters: how many people can spaces hold, how many spaces can be used, are there extra spaces available for special needs, how much will it cost to rent the entire facility, etc. Some facilities will book out sections while others will only make the entire venue available. The answer to this question will drive the direction of your event, allowing you to scale up or down all variables as needed. 


What Food Options are Available in the Event Space?

After getting guests into a room, food is usually the second most important topic of discussion. Is there a commercial-quality space for a catering company to use, not just for food prep but serving? Is there space for both buffet-style and wait service configurations? Does the facility come with plates, glasses, utensils, serving spoons, and other essentials? Remember, you’re not just thinking about how your guests will eat; you’ll also need to finalize food preparation and presentation/service. Even if your plan is to simply have food trucks in the parking lot, you’ll need to examine whether the facility has a space for it, whether the venue has loading doors to allow for easy access, etc. 

What Special Amenities And Features Are Provided By the Event Space?

Each facility has its own unique set of features. For example, a hotel’s ballroom may have access to Wi-Fi, so the event can stream audio or video for a presentation. At Meets the Eye Studios, we have one of the most unique features of any event facility: one of the Bay Area’s largest pre-lit green screens, which can be used for photo booth composites, live feeds with fun backgrounds, and more. While the foundation of the event is the guest space and the food service, special features and amenities make the event memorable. Be sure to get a list from the facility — and don’t hesitate to ask how previous guests have creatively used the features and amenities.


Meets The Eye Studios: An Event Space In San Carlos

Meets The Eye Studios provides numerous options for all of the above criteria, such as large sound stages, a commercial-quality kitchen, and a large green screen. Take a tour of our immaculately kept facility and see for yourself — contact Meets the Eye today to schedule.